Taking Control PART THREE

Clarity Street

Part of taking Control back is knowing exactly what you want!  Superficially we say we want more money, more time, more things, but do you REALLY know, specifically,  what you want and need to be fulfilled?  I lost a dear friend a month ago and I look at how he grasped life and simply did what he wanted with no apologies and think, LIFE IS SHORT, what am I doing with the time I have?

So let’s ponder for  few minutes.  Do you ever feel stuck? Perhaps you don’t have the job you want, or the relationship, or the financial situation. You probably know what it is that you don’t want, but have you ever taken the time to figure out what it is that you do want?

Rather than answer with generalities like a job that “pays more” or “is closer to home” or “to find your soulmate” or…

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