Making YOU better in 2013 Campaign


I am starting the Making it better in 2013 Campaign.  I am doing this here in my office with my agents however, I invite you to join us and achieve your own successes for 2013.  Over the coming weeks you will be given ideas and suggestions to help you achieve your goals.  We look to you to comment on these goals and put in writing what you want to achieve so together we can help each other get to the level we want and need.

For many of us Health will be at the forefront be it, Exercise, Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Eat Better etc

For others it might entail business goals, increased income, better systems and a solid business plan.

In addition there may be a few of you who are wanting to increase your personal life, with family time, living the life you desire, spending more time (more quality time) with the ones you love.

What ever it is or even if it is all and more, this year YOU are NOT alone!  We are going to do this together!

The first step is sharing this blog post and commenting on what YOU want for 2013!  Stating it out loud for the world to hear.  Do not be ashamed or concerned about this step.  The people who care about you are committed to your success, possibly get a “buddy” or Partner to also post.

Then each week lets talk about your successes and what we need to do better the next week,  Based on your goals we will talk honestly and openly with each other to raise ourselves up to achieve the success we want and need in 2013.

In addition to our online blog support we will also have meetings for those of you in St. Louis at our South County Location.

So are you ready to TACKLE 2013 with a plan for success?  Are you ready to have a group of people committed to help you get there?  Then SHARE this post (Comment with your goals, what you REALLY want to achieve in 2013) with what your Goal is for 2013, be as specific as possible, encourage the people you know to join in on this movement to a better more fulfilled, healthier, more successful life they dream of.  It is only one step away!

3 thoughts on “Making YOU better in 2013 Campaign

  1. My 2013 Goals start with health, losing 30 LBS, Quitting Smoking and beginning a more active life style. I know my goal will not be easy but I do know with the support of others I can achieve these goals

  2. My 2013 goals are focussing more on the business side of my life. I currently exercise and typically eat very healthy – so these are not going to be focussed on this year ,as I believe I am in a “good habit” with them already.
    My main 2013 goal is to increase my business by 50% from my 2012 year end figures. To achieve this, I will need to step up my Realtor base referral partners. Only 25% of my 2012 business was New Purchase based.

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