The Grass is ALWAYS Greener!


Really what I want to talk about today is personal accountability, but had I titled this blog “Do it for yourself” most of you might have NEVER clicked through. In fact many of you are thinking right now I am just going to click out of this and find something else to read but DON’T! I urge you to hang in here and read this!

What is it with today’s society that NOONE wants to take personal accountability?

So you eat too much fatty food and you are overweight, but it is not your fault it is stress at work, the big bad fast food restaurants and television advertising, right?

You get fired from your job, it is that the boss is unreasonable, or surely the company is folding or maybe even someone had a vendetta against me, NOT that you were not doing your JOB?

The list goes on and on of stories as to why you were denied a loan, charged a late fee, your home was foreclosed on someone left your life. The energy we spend creating all of these stories and regurgitating them to anyone who will listen to get more buy in for our plight could power an entire city for an entire year.

What happened to I made my bed now I am going to have to sleep in it?

Pull yourself up by your boot straps?

If one will not work, neither let him eat?

We will reap what we sow?

When did it become everyone else’s fault if you failed? Then it hit me how this happened! We baby Boomers got out there with our kids and said, it’s ok, you’re ok. But we didn’t stop there we started saying, the teacher is wrong, the president is wrong the police are wrong. And we went on to say it is not your fault, it is simply who you are, it’s someone else’s short coming…. and on and on and on we went and on and on and on we continue to go. And now we started believing everything we were saying never realizing what we were telling our children was really selfish us talking to ourselves. Are you finding this hard to read? Do you know someone who needs to read this for themselves?

Before you knew it our kids had no respect for authority, they were bullying each other in school, we were fighting at sports venues with other parents. We stopped paying our bills and secured second and third mortgages on our homes for our “toys” and then blamed the mortgage industry when we couldn’t sell out home for the original sale price plus the $30,000 in debt we added to our loan. We got lazy and blamed our lack of income NOT on the fact that we were not out there doing our job every day but instead it is my company, my boss, my co-workers. We suddenly created this expectation that there was a silver platter someone needed to be feeding you from. REALLY?

Hello? Here is a quick wake up call, IF YOU DO NOT WORK HARD YOU WILL NOT MAKE LOTS OF MONEY PERIOD! And for the record it is ok to not work hard if you do not care about making lots of money, but it is NOT ok to whine about your success or lack thereof if you refuse to listen to any advice and get to work!

But no instead many of you choose to believe “The Grass is Greener on the Other Side”. HAHAHAHAHAH It is greener if I just walk away from my home instead of trying to make it work, it is greener if I change companies, it is greener if I change partners, it is greener if if if if if. NO IT IS NOT! And by the time you figure that out……..It is too late…. Sigh…… and I shake my head in disbelief as I watch the misinformed enter the cattle call line to mediocrity.

How can we as a society expect anything of anyone around us, when we do not expect anything of ourselves? How can a society of quitters expect everyone else to keep doing for them? How do we change this? Here are 5 simple steps to start.

Step 1: Repeat after me: “I insert name here will from today forward take accountability for my own words and actions” It is easy to take responsibility when things go well but true character comes from taking responsibility in things that also do not go well.

Step 2: Change your thinking, change your life. Stop being a victim, stop the why me dialog and instead empower yourself with positive words and thoughts every minute of every day and do NOT let the negatives seep in.

Step 3: Be honest with yourself, police yourself, are you really doing what you are supposed to be doing? When no one is around to see you working or dieting or exercising etc are you really doing it 100%? Ask yourself these questions, what am I doing to contribute to this problem or not doing, what can I do differently to solve this problem, how can I be accountable to my own results.

Step 4: ME ME ME ME only works if YOU are doing for YOU YOU YOU YOU, every time you feel like a victim and think you need someone else to make you a success, stop it and say, I MAKE MY OWN SUCCESS ONLY I AM RESPONSBILE FOR MY SUCCESS.

Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 Everyday, multiple times a day

Personal accountability is almost non-existent in some places and people in today’s world and so desperately needed. Our personal relationships, business dynamics can wait no longer for society to shift, the time for change is NOW. Your journey begins here all you have to do is choose your path and own it.  Now share this with a friend or aquaintaince who needs it. <Smile>

There are many great blogs on personal accountability and goal setting here if you need more to read and help you get started.

2 thoughts on “The Grass is ALWAYS Greener!

  1. That was a great post. I couldn’t have blogged on this topic any better. You hit every high (or low) point. The best part, it wasn’t just a rant, you put “correcting steps” in the body as well. Thanks.

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