It’s NOT about YOU


I am amazed daily by the society I find myself living in. Everywhere you turn is yet another taker. The servants of the world have dwindled in numbers and been replaced by parasites plain and simple, does that seem harsh?

Give me this
Do that for me
I want this
I deserve that
I demand more
I require
I refuse to pay you for that
I’m due
Its my right

What ever happened to common courtesy and respect for your fellow man?
What ever happened to I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine even?
What ever happened to it is better to give than to receive?

Yes I am talking to YOU!

The sooner you get that sunk in to that thick head of yours the better off we will all be.
I do not deserve Jack either!

We are blessed to be walking this earth
Surrounded by the people who love us
The jobs that support us
The homes that protect us
And the families that surround us.

From this moment on each and every one of us needs to pause and be thankful for every single solitary person and situation we have n our lives.
Thank them for being a part of our AMAZING lives
Ask them what we can do for them. Better yet, I have an idea, get to know them well enough to know what would make them happy and just do something for no freaking reason at all but because we love them!

Wait Wait Wait…. There is a unique concept….. I might need to copyright this….. do unto others as you would have them do unto you! OHMYGAWD!
Instead of me me me me I should treat them like I want to be treated?

What shall we call this paradigm shift?

The Its Not About Me Project

Amazingly enough I found it really isn’t about me someone else thought about this long before I did, they even have a website to prove it

So here is the one simple rule, before you can ask anyone to do anything for you, you have to do something for someone else first.
Even better just do something for someone else regardless of what’s in it for you.
sounds like a plan…

Who is in?

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