It’s just SNOW, the world is NOT ending people!


snow stl


What is is about snow in the forecast that makes people I307488_4695377056530_646986193_nnSaNe?

Living in St. Louis I see this a lot. So a week ago a heavy snow is predicted, sure enough in Mondays newspaper the local grocery stores ad reads “Because of the snow storm this sale starts on the 21st” Wow the rush for Milk, Bread and Eggs can start early, is this like Christmas Commercials in october?

Two days later I get an email from Sears, the subject line says “A winter Storm is predicted for your area be prepared”. I open the email and it is an ad for Snow blowers. Really?


Grocery stores etc had an insane number of people yesterday getting the Milk, Bread and Eggs supply up as if we are going to be snowed in for a week, maybe a month. School closings started early the night before the storm too.


Now I understand that there is some need for precaution especially with our children, but St. Louis City Hall Offices all closed today? They are adults? There is public transportation and really EVERYONE knows if you can get to a major street our highway the roads are ok to travel. WHAT IN THE WORLD?538063_10151341245608720_916678934_n


So as I sit at my office and watch the chaos expand on Television and Facebook I have to laugh a little

Will we survive?

Will anyone work a full day today?


Tune in tomorrow to see……..


One thought on “It’s just SNOW, the world is NOT ending people!

  1. Ha, I couldn’t agree more. I walked in to the grocery store the night before to grab some bacon, lettuce and beer and ended up waiting in line for 30 minutes! People had carts full. Do you really think that we would be stuck in our homes for weeks?!

    Anyway, I’m with you. I grew up in MN and now live in St Louis and laugh every time people go crazy about snow. I think some of them would have a heart attack if they had to move to MN and get snow like that every other day.

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