Beware Broker Referals that have a steep price and lots of rules

Honesty I am telling you, YOU DO NOT NEED THEM!

THEY ARE STEALING YOUR MONEY! STOP IT!Computer-Hand-w-Money-300x199

Is a referral from a random company really worth it?  Let’s look at this.

Everyone is trying to make a buck, unfortunately not everyone is trying to do it on the up and up. In the sales business I see plenty of companies EVERY day trying to sell you referrals with huge referral fees attached and lots of other hidden surprises in the small print.

I know there are times where your next deal is going to come from is ScArY and that email or call that you get with a lead seems like a “God Send” but step back for a moment, really look at it, Is it?

The sale force that works for me works VERY hard for the money they earn. The cost of marketing yourself, marketing your product, the expenses involved with the travel, dues etc etc can get overwhelming. It is frustrating to me to see them so easily give 25, 30, 40 even 50% of the money they are making away to an opportunist company from California, or where ever they call home base.

  • This company wanted a 30% referral fee
  • If you were late providing doc etc that rate jumped to 50%

They wanted the following permission:

  • You hereby give “firm BozO” consent to use your name and the information regarding Your listings, licensed real estate agents and the transactions in which  “firm BozO” You have participated for promotional purposes on Our website(s). You further release “firm BozO” from any claims related to such use of this information. With respect to any Customer, their immediate family member, or any related party, i.e., domestic partner or an entity substantially owned or controlled by the Customer, introduced to You and for whom you have agreed to provide additional brokerage services
  • We agree that either of Us may directly contact the closing agent to monitor the transaction and direct the division of the commission as provided above.

AH NO  I am tired of it and YOU should be tired of it and WE collectively shoudn’t take it ANYMORE

AND WHEN WE RISE UP UNITED AND SAY NO!  They will loose and go away

And we will make more money on leads we get from our friends and family and past clients.

LISTEN CAREFULLY TO THIS, if you survived the last 3-5 years in real estate YOU are a real estate legend,  this market makes and breaks legends YOU ARE STILL HERE.  Do what you know to do… Give your self a pat on the back, this is BIG, You are amazing, do not sell yourself short!

Call Your past clients

Call your friends

Call your neighbors, Remind people you sell real estate

Tell them about the exciting trends and reports we are seeing in the market now

Tell them about the amazing interests rates.

How many of the people you know bought when interest rates were high and home prices were crazy?

Call them now and tell them there are some AMAZING deal out her to buy up


Get a Business Coach if you must but get back to the work of doing what you know, making and experiencing relations.

You are going to be GREAT!

2 thoughts on “Beware Broker Referals that have a steep price and lots of rules

  1. That referral company promotes dual agency by sending their buyer referrals directly to the listing agents who listed the properties the buyer was inquiring about.

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