Why WordPress Should Be Your Real Estate Website

Thoughts on Why WordPress Should Be Your Real Estate Website


WordPress Puts You in Charge

There is a LONG list of people trying to sell you their web site for your real estate business.  Your company, Realtor.com, homes.com and the list goes on and on and on.  They offer home searches, mortgage calculators and tons of bells and whistles of content.  But what is today’s consumer looking for?  What will make you stand out and be different?  Virtually EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you want to know can be found on the internet with a simple search.  So you need more, you need to think ahead of them, plant new ideas and creative thoughts, become trusted, knowledgeable and likeable.  Bring the human touch back to the business that has become so hands-off for so many consumers

WordPress can help you do just that.


Getting started on WordPress is a pretty simple task. You can have your blog set up in minutes and depending on how much time you spend writing the content for your blog, your first blog can be up in record time!  Sure there are plenty of gadgets that you can use to “soup” up your blog that you will learn and add over time but he basic set up and go takes little or no time at all.

One bit of advice DO NOT OVER THINK IT!  JUST DO IT!!!!!!


For Real Estate WordPress is one of the top Blogging websites.  Active rain is also a great blog site for Real Estate BUT it is real estate specific and therefore I believe it limits itself.  Because WordPress offers Blogs on EVERY topic imaginable I believe it increases the ability to broadcast YOUR unique message to more users.

Later when we talk Strategies we will go into more detail on how to use this diversity to your advantage


WordPress is Mobile Access it Anywhere, Anytime



The real power of WordPress is its reputation.  Top companies around the world embrace and recognize WordPress as leaders.  Major publications also tout the strength of WordPress and many media out lets use WordPress as a clearing ho9ouse to find fresh topics and information.  Free does NOT always mean cheap, and know that Worpress continues to morph itself and evolve with today’s market place and consumer needs.

All of that said if you do NOT have a WordPress Blog set up for your Real Este Business Yet please join us in St. Louis on April 11 9:00 AM – 12:00 for a basic WordPress Set up.  We will help you log on, creatr your new blog, set up your blogs new look and you will leave having posted your first blog post.  Register at  www.facebook.com/SoCoTechTalk

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