So you want to Learn How to Blog? 5 New Blogger Tips

embrace the blogToday I had the pleasure of teaching my 1st hands on Blog Class.  Luckily for me the class was only about 10 people.  After we over came the small internet issue (Basically none due to the previous nights storm) at the facility we planned to use we got settled in and started over again.

Challenging as it was let me say it was fulfilling to see the excitement on the faces as we walked step by step through the process.  My promise was before each participant left they would have a Blog page on WordPress and they would have created their first blog post.

The class took us 3 hours to complete, but yes they fulfilled the promise I made them.

I anxiously await the opportunity to teach this class again!

Here are my 5 simple steps or tips to remember as you learn how to blog

1. You can NOT break your Blog, feel free to click buttons, change templates, test widgets and explore.  Your Blog is a process that will not be perfect the first time, heck it might not ever be perfect.

2. Post at least weekly

3. This is not just about you blogging, it is a community, read other blogs, like other blogs, follow other blogs, post smart comments on other blogs.

4.  Do not use your blog to advertise your product but instead use it to advertise how much you know about “stuff”

5. Have fun, your blog is you, talk about what you love and enjoy, write about the things that you are passionate about.


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