How to Celebrate Earth Day, Today and Everyday!

earth day

Did you celebrate Earth Day this weekend?

Would you like to know how to celebrate Earth Day TODAY?  How about Celebrating Every time you dine out?

Want to be able to promote the restaurants that are paying attention to their business practices with an eye on the environment and the local economy?

How about Green Dining?

What is it? The Green Dining Alliance if for restaurants who can answer the following questions with answers that protect the environment.

Will my leftovers be packaged in Styrofoam?

Will my bottles or plastic be recycled?

Do you have a sustainability policy?

Do they get your food from local farmers?

Do you offer pasture-raised,  organic, grass fed options?

Do you carefully manage how much water and energy you are using?

Will excess food be donated to local food banks?

Do you compost?

Go here for a Dining list in St. Louis, or Google the Green Dining Alliance in your area

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