Real Estate Office Renovations Can make All the Difference in a Mobile World!

Today you have to keep moving with the trends and providing what todays Clients and Realtors need for the office.  With the mobility features agents have access to in today’s world they are more mobile that ever and need their needs met when they “Pit Stop” into the office.

RE/MAX Results South County (SoCo) has taken on just that challenge by redesigning what was once Agent/Cube/Office space into a more trendy, share-able office environment   Let’s take a little tour…

The lobby still maintains its traditional look and feel, although change is good some things need to remain in tact for the consumers.  But what happens behind that lobby wall is where things are changing.  RR SoCo Lobby

The once “Tech Copier Space” is now “The Lounge” this space is complete with a Fire place, Sofa and Chairs, a Keurig, Television and a Wii.  The television is equipped with an Apple TV so at any time agents can throw what ever email, app or presentation that is on their iPhone, iPad or Apple PC right up on the screen to review or to share with clients.  While it may seem overly relaxed or playful, the Lounge provides a space for agents to walk away from the desk and clear their heads, stop in to unwind on a day filled with showings and appointments or even relax by playing a game.  The space of course doubles as a meeting space with clients or a place for clients or their children to relax when there are long waits in line for their business that day.  IMG_9278

A New Larger Conference room has also been added to the back section of the office to allow for larger groups around a table when needed.  This room also has a drawer filled with toys and movies for our “WeeMaxers” to keep them busy as well as their own private TV for some quiet time viewing.

Around the corner is the Bistro which also has a large screen flat panel television (Which also is attached to an Apple TV).  This very open high top table seating area is a great place to hold mini seminars, training events, happy hours and foodie functions as well as just a nice place to gather and have lunch.  With the office being WiFi accessible through out many agents choose to sit in this open area and work while collaborating with co-workers.  IMG_9797

Just off the Bistro is the new “Studio”  The studio is equipped with special lighting and high speed pc to record your videos.  You can use it for clients testimonials or, filming personal videos or your video blog.  This is also the PERFECT place to have those conference calls or skyping with clients.  This office space is for the novice or the high tech user with both a green screen capability as well as just a quick video link up to YouTube in only 5 clicks! IMG_9798

Tech space is still available for agents to walk in but instead of sharing a large tech room computers are placed in private suite for agents to stop in and close the door and conduct private business with some privacy or invite clients into the mobile office suite for consultations.

Add these items to RE/MAX Results SoCo Wireless Capabilities, Paperless File Management system, DID systems and E-fax and you are on your way to a smooth mobile agent experience.   RE/MAX Results SoCo is committed to staying ahead of the curve in meeting the needs of their Agents and providing what they can to make their agents business easier to manage with a more successful outcome.  You are encouraged to stop in and see the newly redesigned space for yourself to get the “feel” of it at 4850 Lemay Ferry Road Suite 100 St Louis, MO 63129, we would love to give you a tour.

Is your real estate company living up to your expectations and needs while providing you the most profitable commission structure for your personal wealth?  If not give Broker/Coach Carolyn Mantia a call at 314-329-9046 or email for questions or a confidential business strategy session.IMG_9793

2 thoughts on “Real Estate Office Renovations Can make All the Difference in a Mobile World!

  1. Your office looks great but still provides a very comfortable work environment. I think the technology additions really support the needs of your agents. Nice job Soco.

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