Gardening Craft Project “Tower Pot”

flower pot art 2

The Supplies you will need are as follows: About $37 plus plants

12 inch Clay Pot $8.00

10 inch Clay Pot $6.00

8 inch Clay Pot $4.00

2 bags of top soil (I used one top soil and one miracle grow mix) Top Soil $1.5, Miracle Grow Soil $4.00

Starter plants to pot

Spray Paint (High Gloss) $4.00 (I used 3 different colors @ $3.00 each do $9.00)

Spray Paint Clear High Gloss $4.00

Start by simply painting the flower pots, do not paint the inside or the bottom so water can drain freely, just paint the outside and the top lip.

pot painting

This will take a few steps making sure it dries before adding an additional coat.

For these pots the Blue took only one coat while the White and Red took multiple coats (4)

Although I did not do it on these pots, this would be the time to adorn your pots with any additional design or stenciling you might want to do on it.  I am thinking it would look great with an Initial and or the address

Then spray 2 coats of the High Gloss clear, again making sure the pots dry before applying the next coat.

Now it is time to plant.

First fill the pots with your desired soil mix

Then stack them so you can visualize the current placement of your plants


In this example I used 4 Geraniums

8 starter marigolds

One larger flowering bush I plan to later transplant to my yard

Flower pot art 1

Simply water and enjoy your little piece of art work the rest of the season!

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