A Reflection on Mothers and Motherhood

This year I turned 50, and I am guessing something happens to your mind when you realize half of your life is now past that you reflect on the things that are important to you. 380355_2436693710858_1903870654_n

I have a very unique tale of Mothers and Motherhood, I am adopted and the mother of six, grandmother of one. (This is my first mothers day as a grandmother)

I feel I have been blessed with so many privileges in life, hidden blessings. I was blessed with a birth mother who loved me more than herself and made the ultimate sacrifice to carry me with her for 9 months and then bravely open her arms and give me to a family who could not have a child and longed for a little girl.


I was blessed with a mother who raised me who was not perfect, but her love for me was. She watched and cared for me all my life, even as I moved into motherhood myself and then I watched her slowly succumb to the torture of Alzheimer’s and almost 10 years ago, the Lord saw fit to take her home. It’s a very empty feeling each Mother’s Day for me not having her around. My one regret is not telling her I loved her more often, she deserved to hear it.181467_10200195494024194_26090227_n

I have been blessed to have 8 pregnancies in my life, 6 of them resulting in beautiful children who I love dearly in spite of themselves and myself some days (-: I have watched them grow and excitedly watch as they now have each moved out on their own to their own adult lives.

I was blessed to find my birth mother and finally get to meet her and rekindle my relationship, funny how the stories you tell yourself in your mind are not always true and the reality is usually much better. By finding her I also found a new sister, though not of my blood she feels like home to me. Finding that sister led to the fact that I am also an aunt WOW, I have never been that before, I look forward to learning more about her although geography has me living far away from that family.

I have been blessed to fall in love with a mother and grow as I watch her and her children and grandchildren. I am blessed to add 4 more children to my life and the spouses and grandchildren they bring with them.


I am now blessed with my first Mothers Day as a Grandmother and I think, Does life get any better than this? How amazing it is to watch my daughter become a beautiful caring wonderful mother. I hope my mother was as proud watching me as I am watching her.


2 Mothers

1 Sister

1 Neice

10 Children

3 Grand children

And In love with an amazing mother too!

What did I do in my life to be so lucky?

So what I am really trying to say is this, thank you to ALL the Mothers in my life who have given me the gift of abundant blessings and love. You have made me who I am and continue to help me grow.

I am looking forward to enjoying the last half of my life loving all these people, and the new ones who join us later. I am the most Blessed Woman… wait scratch that… The Most Blessed Mother in the World!


This is the babbling of a 50 year old Mom, thanks for listening. (-:

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