In your WiLdEsT DrEaMs! The perfect home.

Do you ever day dream about a completely different life?

Maybe you have more money, are thinner, healthier, nicer, meaner, happier,  a better spouse, no spouse, a bigger home, a castle, married to a movie star, own your own business or live in a more exotic place.

Maybe you are more like me and think my life is really GOOD and I am really BLESSED but these “Super Cool” toys would be fun to have in my life!!!!!

So here are a few things that in my WiLdEsT DrEaMs it would be cool to have.

mason jar lamp

OK Not this one I think I could actually make myself an easy light fixture simply made of Christmas Lights and Mason Jars.

poolperfect pool

This is one of the most incredible smaller pools I have ever seen, look at the details it comes fully equipped with a Firepit, table and chairs, Jacuzzi/Hot Tub, waterfall, giant Tiki torch and Lounge area  I might NEVER get out!

stair well branches

I have spent a lot of time seriously contemplating this railing,  It is really beautiful and unique,  I think it could be dangerous for children or the clumsy and possibly a cleaning NIGHTMARE, but then again if I had a one that had something like this in it I am thinking cleaning it would be someone else’s job.

If organizing is your game, how about this unique twist on a utensil drawer?

utensil drawer

storage ceiling

SIMPLY BRILLANT!!!!!!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!  Off the floor out of the way!  This cannot be that hard either!

Let’s move out doors for a but, How about your own movie theater, think about the hours of entertainment this could be.

outdoor theater

dream patio

Or how about this Patio?  It has something called phantom screens which can be retracted for the open air feel OR can be closed to create a barrier against insects as you wish.  This feature is surrounding this incredible Patio/Porch complete with fire place, lounging furniture and a beautiful built in grilling area

hidden screens

Everything I would ever need in a patio is right here, does it matter that this patio is larger than my yard?

This is a great twist to the fire pit it is called flaming glass.  If you enjoy snuggling up in front of the fireplace or fire pit but are less thrilled with the ashes, smoke and odor, an elegant alternative to firewood and gas logs exists. Fire glass produces more heat than real wood, and is also environmentally friendly. There is no smoke, it’s odorless and doesn’t produce ash. You are able to stay toasty warm without cutting down trees and the specially formulated glass crystals give off no toxic deposit.  fire glass pit

kitchen view

I LOVE a great kitchen, this one even comes with an incredible view, LOVE this window.

wow tubThis bathtub speaks for itself it might get me out of the kitchen.  Lets see I would run from room to room of my home if I could work all of these amazing pieces into my next home.  Hmmm it is missing one last thing let me think…

Oh YEAH I know what I still need…..

The perfect shower scene to deter guests and family members from wanting to stay too long….

So tell me which is your favorite WiLdEsT DrEaM piece?  Look for more coming soon to this blog near you.

shower curtain

7 thoughts on “In your WiLdEsT DrEaMs! The perfect home.

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  3. Do you happen to know where you got this photo and if it has the dimensions to this pool design? I would love to do something like this but would love to see the dimensions! Thank you!

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