Violent Night of Crime in St Louis – Will you STAND UP & take the $30 Challenge

crime scene


As I watch the St Louis News Tonight I am simply speechless.

18 people injured in violent crimes over night in 8 separate incidents?

All of these incidents involved Guns!


I do not know if you are White, Black, Green, Yellow or Purple,  Frankly I do NOT care!

I do not know where your heritage originates or what your age is, I do NOT care!

I do not know if you have a job or not or come from a broken family or not, I do NOT care!

I care that you are a selfish human being.

Selfish to take the life of a young soon to be father trying to make the best life he can for his growing young family by working a job at 7-11.

I care that you took only his wallet with $30.

Was that all this young mans life was worth? (Insert your own expletives here)

I care that you take things that are NOT yours….

………..Terrorize people

……………..Terrorize neighborhoods

……………………Hurt innocent people

Does this make you feel big?  Tough? Strong?  Does this gain you respect?   NEW FLASH!  The people who look up to you and respect you for what you have done, will also put a bullet in your head the first chance they get.

There is no excuse!

What are you thinking?  Where is your self respect?

What if that was your Brother, Sister, Cousin, Spouse, Father, Mother, Friend, child?  Ohhhh not as much fun now is it?

Every-time you even THINK of taking from someone or hurting someone, picture your grandmothers face on that victim, SHAME ON YOU!

You are not tough, you are not cool, you are pathetic and we feel sorry for you for even thinking you are cool.

I like to try to pull even the most trying and frustrating blog post to some positive end, some suggestion for a solution.

So here it is…..


Seek Gods face, Confess your sins, Seek his salvation And walk with him.

Turn your back on those people, they are not your friends, they will get you killed

Surround yourself with positive role models talk to them daily

Take out your frustrations with pen and paper, harness your anger into a positive energy to create something positive in your community.

Do you want to be Powerful, Admired, Appreciated?  It all starts with being a Man, an honest Godly man, he is accepting applications daily, give him a try.

As for the rest of us law abiding citizens I issue you this challenge, A fund has been set up for Mon Rai’s Family I challenge you to stop by and make a $30 donation to this find as a sign of our unity against this senseless act!   It is easy, here is the info A fund has been established to benefit Mon Rai’s family. Contributions can be made to any Southern Commercial Bank branch. Checks should be made payable to the Mon Rai Family.

Susila Rai is a proud mother to Rachel (Born 6/18 at Barnes Hospital), the first member of the Rai family born in America. is now alone with no husband after his murder just a short time ago.  Having to use a translator to help her communicate she is alone here in America the place her husband and her once dreamed of raising a family. Despite everything that’s happened, Rai wants to raise her children in St. Louis.   Southern Commercial Bank still has a Fund available for donations to help the family as they go through this both joyous and sad time.  Please direct any and all donations there.

One thought on “Violent Night of Crime in St Louis – Will you STAND UP & take the $30 Challenge

  1. Well said. I too am astounded at the utter lack of regard for humanity. Bless you for ending on a note of hope.

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