FSBO vs REALTOR, an Attorney’s perspective

Great perspective from an attorney on FSBO VS Realtor

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Why do I need a Realtor?
I get this question often, especially from fellow attorneys. Before I get started let me disclose that my partner is a Realtor/Broker who manages and trains Realtors. In addition I worked as a Title Company attorney for over ten years. While my only client was the Title Company I worked for, I also worked closely with mortgage professionals and Realtors on problem transactions. I used to offer a training class for new Realtors called Closing Nightmares and how to avoid them. I have lived in the world of residential real estate for a very long time. So when a friend, who happens to be an attorney, came to me recently to discuss selling his home without a Realtor I flinched. Here was my response.

 You are an accomplished attorney and if I needed a great domestic attorney I would call you before I would…

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