You are WHERE You Eat, Amazing Kitchens!

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The Kitchen has traditionally been the place that family gathers.  No matter how big or how small it is effectively the “Heart” of the Home.  So I went on a Journey to find the most amazing kitchens possible.  Maybe you are like me and long for the large dream kitchen, well dream away with me here on these beautiful, unique and bizarre Kitchens.

great kitchen 2Very Traditional this kitchen is simply HUGE.  The Island has been popular for many years and actually is designed as kitchens once were in the grand estates of the past.  An island Kitchen allowed for many “Cooks in the Kitchen”.

great kitchen 3More of today’s trend leans on the sterile, simple design.  Tucking away the clutter and allowing for a much more open space.  No blenders, toaster etc on these counters.

great kitchen 4This kitchen has a great rustic throw back feel to it.  The wood working on the benches is outstanding.

great kitchen 5Possibly this is the style “Grand” Kitchen you long for, the beautiful view out the floor to ceiling dining area adds to the dramatic effect of this AMAZING Kitchen.

great kitchen crazyThis is actually Diane Keatons Kitchen,  You have to love the Whimsical feel.  I think it is good for a Kitchen to show your personality, clearly this is a room that is often filled with laughter.

great kitchen 10

I am not sure this is the kitchen for me, but it might be for you, with a more medieval feel, this feels very pub like.

Before we move on to the more modern kitchens, I had to show you these 2 kitchen features.  First the Stone sink is magnificent, I personally redesigned my kitchen about 5 years ago and I have to say the single extra deep sink is one of my favorite features.  Looks at the counter/sink stone work is really spectacular.

great kitchen sinkThis Glass counter top is also REALLY unique, it is a thick thick glass which can have color or patterns, it certainly adds a unique looks and feel to this kitchen.
great kitchen glass counter

Now lets look at some of the most modern kitchens I have found.

great kitchen 6

I LOVE this rounded design although the cost of completing a room like this could be astronomical.  The windows and the design make this kitchen one of the more unique options.

great kitchen one

Clearly this kitchen has everything one might need to prepare the perfect meal,  the refrigerator is one of the more outstanding features in this Amazing Kitchen
great kitchen unique

So many things are tucked away in this kitchen, it really looks more like furniture than kitchen cabinets

great kitchen unique 2

Last but not least this looks like something possible from the Jetsons?  What do you think?

great kitchen 7

Which Kitchen would you prefer?

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