Beautiful Bathrooms- Rubber Ducky Optional

For a room that we really do not spend all that much time in, in a given day, this seems to be the room most people DREAM about changing and redesigning.  Maybe it is because it is a private place to be alone and simply relax.  Here are some of the most incredible Bathroom Designs we could find.




An really nice clean, modern unique design with this bowl tubBathroom bowl like tub


BEAUTIFUL and Functionalbathroom infinity tub


I love the natural rustic feel of this private outdoor bath room.  Realistically I am not sure it would work for me but it is certainly pleasant to just look at and imaginebathroom outdoor


I will give this one the initial gasp of beauty, but the more One looks at it the more I am NOT sure it would be the bath for me.  My perfect bath needs to be both beautiful and functionalbathroom round


This one is my VERY favorite one, I could simply get lost in this rustic fireplace nirvana.


bathroom rustic




OK there were a couple of Bathroom sinks that needed a closer look, check out this shell sink and the aquarium sink.  One simple thought on the aquarium sink, they look nice fresh and clean like this BUT if you have ever had an aquarium you know they do NOT always look like this.

bathroom sink aquarium


bathroom sink


Smart Clean design with this Japanese inspired feeling, be sure to make not of the shower that enters from the side and is open to the bath area.


bathroom tub in the floor


The magnificent view make this bath design almost perfect.  Clean, modern and fresh, now all I need is a private islan

dbathroom with a viewDo you have other bathroom photos to share?  PLEASE DO

Also tell us which of these amazing Baths would make it into your perfect dream home?

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3 thoughts on “Beautiful Bathrooms- Rubber Ducky Optional

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