Angel’s food or Devil’s food? The Paula Deen Saga

Honestly I have clearly been out of the loop on this one. I saw a news story about this and thought I needed to dig further before I weighed in with an opinion.
So part one, here is what I found out Paula deen
Paula Deen and her brother charged with sexual harassment AND being racists.
Lets take them one at a time
Sexual Harassment, apparently a long time Manager is claiming Paulas brother subjected her to pornography and lewd statements for the entire time she worked there. No employee, Man or woman should be subjected to this treatment ever. This is such a hard one to call because the nay sayers can ask, why didn’t you quit or report this sooner? Why wait? Those are valid questions. That said that does not change the fact that sexual harassment is NOT acceptable! But this article is about Paula Deen, not her brother, so the next question is did she know, was she complacent? If the answer to that is yes, then, “Houston we have a problem”.
Ok part two of this, Paula is a racist and the business treated employees in a racist manner. I simply do not go for racist chatter under any circumstances, but I cannot fault someone for what they do in the privacy of their home it is a free country. I can however be offended and boycott organizations that I think are NOT living up to my moral values.

Here is the claim, ” The Caucasian former employee also alleges that Deen used awful racial slurs for black employees. She also allegedly told Jackson that she wanted a “true southern plantation-style wedding” with black attendees required to “wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties, you know in the Shirley Temple days, they used to tap dance around… Now that would be a true southern wedding, wouldn’t it? But we can’t do that because the media would be on me about that.”


Ok it bares noting, I think what you say in your own home is private and what you say in public is public. That said fame is a double edged sword, secrets become few and far between.

Now if you came to this post for a news article you came to the wrong place, what you are going to get is my opinion!

Are you people CRAZY??????????

Hey I have spent a lot of time enjoying her as well, her recipes are top shelf!, But what in the heck are you doing? Especially you FaceBook people, 200K fans defending her???? She wants to dress black employees up like Uncle Tom Characters and thinks that’s entertaining? I am offended, and you do not get whiter than me!  If you want to read the transcripts for yourself here is the link to them yes all 149 pages of them.  Deen Deposition Transcripts

I do not care how great her cooking is or how sweet her southern drawl, it is embarrassing. But what is more embarrassing is that we are making this soooo much bigger by rallying being her and creating all these FB pages and News stories of poor pitiful Paula Deen. There is nothing Poor about her! Whether she is on the food network or not she will still be around and continue to make money.

My 2 cents is Thank You Food Network for taking a stand again Racism in America. I applaud and appreciate your stand. You now are charged with being this strong on all issues of Racism and discrimination, use your charge wisely. Those of you who are liking and sharing these pages do you know what message you are sending? (Please insert your best Southern Drawl here, “Hey Everyone, I Like Paula Deen, she can throw racial slurs my way any time she wants as long as it comes with a Key Lime Pie”

If this act was simply a Hate on for Paula Deen, you have MUCH bigger problems ahead!

Paula as for you I say if you said it own up to it, if this is how you feel we live in a country of Free speech, then claim it and be done with it. If you did not say this than fight it, but do not be a hypocrite and say you are sorry if you truly feel this way. There are people on both sides of this who feel both ways about this. Trust me you will still make money, just take responsibility for what you said and did and move on! I assure you the Racists of the World would be happy to publish a cook book or TV show featuring you and your brother.

That’s My 2 Cents, have an opinion you would like to share? Do it here!

If you support the Food Network in this decision here is one Facebook Page where you can show your support


Smithfield Foods drop Paula Deen Like a “Hot Cake” seeped in butter – Read More here


Update 6-26-2013

Paula Deen Dropped by Home Depot, Walmat and Caesars Entertainment after he attempt to do damage control on the Today show.  Watch the news story here.

Paula NEVER took responsibility for what she said and or did and instead during the interview said, “I is who I is”!  How about it didn’t occur to me my words were hurtful to so many I apologize and would like to do this (Insert charitable act here) to benefit others to in some way show my remorse.  THAT might have been a MUCH better approach.

How about instead of you saying teary eyed, “So many hateful things have been said about me”, what if you addressed the hateful things YOU have said.  Really?  This is your apology?


6 thoughts on “Angel’s food or Devil’s food? The Paula Deen Saga

  1. I agree Carolyn. When I first heard about this I was somewhat sympathetic to Paula. She said it’s been a long time since I used that word. I thought, well maybe you used it when you were a kid. Still not acceptable but we shouldn’t have to live down the sins of our youth forever. When I heard that she actually said it fairly recently and in addition made the ridiculous comments about the “Southern” wedding, she lost all credibility.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. I had heard about the Southern wedding idea and couldn’t find anyway to defend her (and there are times when I feel like I can at least explain a student’s comment, etc), It is a shame so many people are taken in by the persona on television. This is so much bigger than hiding her diabetic condition and making millions of off high calorie recipes. I don’t pretend to know much about plantation weddings, but we stayed at an old home /former plantation outside NOLA a few years ago. Nobody who made our meals or showed us our room glorified the “traditions” she wanted to immortalize.

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  4. First of all until the COURT TRIAL is complete, these are allegations. Here’s what I’m thinking . . . Recently, Lisa stated that she did this to make sure that the staff (which includes the cooks & other employees) concerns were heard and handled properly. Assuming this is true: 1. Why request or entertain the thought of a settlement at all . . . which is basically meant to keep her quiet and usually has a “gag order” attached to the agreement? 2. The “Plaintiff” in the lawsuit, according to Lisa’s statement, covers not only herself but also her staff’s account of incident(s) that have impacted the work environment . . . why are they not listed as “Plaintiffs” as well which would have made that settlement that was “denied” available to be allocated among each individual named, and not just a lump sum to Lisa? 3. Did Lisa’s attorneys not feel it would have been easier to file a “Class Action Lawsuit” . . . that would cover each person involved (with consent) and would, in essence, be harder to ignore or deny a settlement? Something’s not right here !

    • Thanks for sharing Marilyn, I do not disagree with any of your points. Much as Ms. Deen has the right to her opinions, politically correct or not, the Food Network, Walmart, Home Depot etc have a right to choose who they will endorse, hire or use to promote their business. I clearly have an opinion and also have a right to that opinion. As I watch Paula Deen speak on this after the fact, I have not yet seen her say,” I am sorry what I said could be hurtful to some”. I have seen her blame others but not simply say look this is me I do not apologize and I understand not everyone is going to embrace my beliefs. No one owes Paula Deen anything and no fan of Paula Deens should need to apologize or feel bad for continuing to support her. This blog has simply one purpose to give readers sources of valid information ie the transcript and her video and let them form their own opinions. I’ve made my opinion clear, who else has an opinion to share?

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