Really? That is the Best TV on tonight?

americas got talent NOT

I have not watched America’s Got Talent in a LONG time, Tonight however nothing caught my eye and I thought it would be ok for background sights and sounds.

A darling little 6 year old girl and her 9 year old brother are being greeted, very sweet.

They then break out in song, WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT? She is SCREAMING into the Microphone as he drums away, she sounds possessed!  She is singing about Zombies?  She is 6?  Dad is proudly backstage.   2 People hit their buzzers resulting in a big red X which means no way.

brother-sister act

When the act ends the audience is applauding and smiling awwwww how sweet.

Three of the 4 judges decide this duo should be sent to the next round in Las Vegas, WHAT!!!!!!?????

The audience stands and applauds, what is wrong with you people?  That is not talent it is screaming!

Well that was my 1 minute of viewing America’s Got Talent,

channel now changed,

lesson learned…

That clearly is NOT talent!

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