Rules Rules Rules… What is with all these Rules?

Last weekend a local city park hosted a Food and Music Event.  This was a free event to anyone interested in attending.  It is one of the GREAT things I love about the city parks is there is always something going on and mostly they are free events.  But this park located in an affluent part of St Louis City added one more rule, No coolers!  Hmmmmno cooler

This weekend Pridefest moves from its home in Tower Grove Park to the New Location in St Louis City at Soldiers Memorial.  In reading the newspaper this morning I see the rules are as follows, No Coolers, No Pets!

I guess that is the proverbial straw that broker the camels back!

What the Heck?

First off to the people who think it is ok to say no coolers in a park, Really?  Let me speak as the mother of 6 yes SIX children!  Not everyone can afford even $1 for cans of soda for their kids, point #2 not everyone ants their kids to drink soda, possibly juice.  It is a preposterous idea, it goes against the definition of Parks and Picnics, and why is there a no cooler rule?  So the “Sponsors” “Food Booths” make more money IE the event makes more money because they can sell exclusivity.  I am not against anyone making money, I am against someone telling me I cannot being a cooler into a public park, Feel free to tell me it is a NON-Liquor event but do NOT tell me I can not bring a simple cooler.

no pets allowed

So now onto Pridefest.  A Little Big for our britches aren’t we?  Will I go sure I will go down, will I stay as long as I have in years past?  NO!  I have been told I cannot being my 15 pound Cockapoo on a public street in a city and state of which I am a tax payer.  I know there has been an up roar moving Pride Downtown and yeah I miss it in TGS I do, but now you are gonna make it worse and take away that family feel I had of bringing a blanket and a picnic and my dogs and just hanging out all day enjoying friends, food and fun.

That is my 2 Cents, feel free to add your own, we all have a right to our opinion.


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