The Decision to Quit Smoking, How to not be a Quitter at Quitting

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I was nearing 50 and had my first grandchild.  I was overweight and not as active as I should be and on top of all of that I was a smoker.

I honestly liked smoking, I like the feeling of smoke in my lungs.

I think I smoked mostly because I needed it when i was bored, and needed it when I was nervous, needed it to relax me and clear my head.   I hated the smell and the cost and I knew it was bad for me but I did NOT want someone telling me what to do.

I really hated and continue to hate today the politico’s who make decisions for me of if the bar or restaurant I an patronizing  should have a smoking section or not.  I think that is the Owner of the establishments decision and the decision of the people who go there.  I do NOT believe a government entity should tell you how to use the property and business you own.  PERIOD

I was in a relationship for 2 years with a non-smoker who repeatedly told me, “I Love you I want you here as many years as I can have you please stop.”  ARGH!  I knew every excuse;

I do not want to gain weight

Things are stressful now maybe when life calms down

I know I plan to quit I’m just not ready

It is an addiction it is harder than you think

I need it to keep me sane

and on and on and on…. Maybe you have used a few of those.

Week after week I would feel maybe breathless or maybe my heart race and think, this should be the week i quit smoking.  But it never was.  One day in Mid-January I went to my better half and showed my pack of cigarettes with only 5 remaining and said, this is the last of my cigarettes.  The reply was, “Oh guess you need to go get more.”  My reply was NO I think I mean this is the last of my cigarettes forever.  Funny how recounting that moment brings tears to my eyes event today.  It was the end of a relationship, the loss of a dear close trusted friend.  The giving up of my security blanket and I knew it was going to be hard.

I had one cigarette left the next morning that i had not smoked, and I told myself I might as well smoke the last one and enjoy it, but I stopped and said no save it for a real emergency and I went on through my morning ritual.  I went to Facebook and posted the night before that this was my last day as a smoker to the delight of many accumulating a ton of likes.

My over 900 friends, some of whom i hardly knew posted stories and comments, words of encouragement and tips on how they survived.  People who I had NEVER in a million years dreamed used to smoke told how long they had been smoke free and how they survived.  It was like a giant online Love Fest/AA Meeting.  Now I was really under the gun all the people were cheering me on, all these people were rooting for me, I could NOT let them down, I could NOT fail, I had to show them I could do this.

I used no gum

No Smokless Cigarettes

No patches

No Pills

The only thing I used was my will power.

The first couple of days I was physically ill.  (Headaches, Nausea, Aches)  I was emotional and fast to snip.  I would wring my hands and twiddle my thumbs.  And each time I would want a cigarette I would convince my self to wait out the desire just 5 minutes and it seemed 5 minutes later the craving subsided.  Each day I posted on face book , the days slowed to each week, the weeks slowed to each month.  My Facebook friends continued to support me.

Today is only 5 months later and I am still smoke free, here are my 10 tips on kicking the habit.

#1 You have to really want to quit!  This is the biggest

#2 Tell people ask them to help and support you, the more people you tell the more support you have.

#3 Stay away from the places and things that are triggers, Bars, drinking.

#4 Come up with new habits for other triggers like talking on the phone or driving the car.

#5 Smokeless Cigarettes can be great, a month or so after I quit I bought some that had Zero Nicotine, I keep one on me at all times, they last me forever.  Sometimes I feel better just knowing it is there if I need it.  I used south beach smokes zero nicotine, you can find more info here

#6 Find a hobby the uses your hands, write a blog, wrote a book, take up crafts, play a musical instrument, learn to knit or crochet, exercise.

#7 Yes you might snack or munch, I do NOT recommend this as I have gained weight, but I suggest you fill your home with munchies to satisfy you that ar not unhealthy now!  Have them everywhere so if you MUST munch you are surrounded by healthy foods. (BEFORE YOU QUIT THROW OUT ALL THE JUNK FOOD!  you will be drawn to it)

#8 Breathe, yup breathe.  I spent a lot of time taking a breathe in through my nose and out through my lips, much like the same breathing I used in labor, closing your eyes, take a deep breathe in through your nose then blow out with you lips and repeat until you are relaxed.

#9 You can do this, you are bigger than this cigarette remind yourself why you quit how expensive it is, how much it stinks every time you want one

#10 Take it one minute, One Hour, One Day at a time.

I have been smoke free for 5 months and one day, tomorrow is a new day, I will embrace it smokeless and end it smokeless.

Good Luck


2 thoughts on “The Decision to Quit Smoking, How to not be a Quitter at Quitting

  1. Quitting is a major resolution! Hang in there! I know it is hard, I quit it almoust 2 years ago and I still have moments I think “i could use a cigarette right now”, but it goes away.

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