Does Auricular Therapy Work? One Woman’s Honest Evaluation

auricular therapy

I decided it was probably time to quit smoking and it just so happened that Groupon had an offer for auricular therapy so I thought what would it hurt?  Right?

I made my appointment and went in.  I found myself at a Chiropractors office.  He was very nice and gave me a complete description of what he was doing, how it worked and how to succeed.  He also gave me a book to read about how to quit smoking.  As any good sales person would do he encouraged referrals of friends and talked briefly about his program to help lose weight, Yes I was already over weight and yes quitting smoking has the ,”you will gain weight mojo” that surrounds it.

What exactly he did was place tiny metal balls with an adhesive tape into my ear and outside my ear.  He told me to manipulate those alls when i had the urge and encouraged me to complete reading the book ASAP.

He followed up with me 24 and 48 hours later and when I didn’t return his calls I got an email too.

So I think he was great, I think he really wants you to succeed.auricular therapy does it work

But the real Question is did it work?

Personally I do not think it stopped my cravings at all.  I struggled and used a tremendous amount of will power NOT to give in and smoke.  I did not finish reading the book either.  So maybe that doesn’t make me a qualified person to write this.  I did manipulate the metal balls in my ears on a regular basis and felt no relief.

As the weeks and months passed I continued to get calls and letters trying to sell me on this Chiropractors weight loss program etc.  I can’t fault him it is a business right?

So in a summary NO I do not think auricular therapy works BUT I do think there is something to be said about visuals,  For me I needed an exit plan and there were steps involved, each step I took in and of itself was not the “MAGIC” cure all but, my mind was constantly reinforcing with each step my commitment to quit.

Want to know what all my steps were?  Check out my previous blog 

2 thoughts on “Does Auricular Therapy Work? One Woman’s Honest Evaluation

  1. Congrats on quitting, it is not even an easy task!! It does get easier tho 🙂
    Have you tried Nicorette? It helped me like crazy amounts!
    I also have a facebook page for people who are, who want to or who have quit smoking 🙂 Maybe check it out and give it a like and share! keep up the good work.

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