Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep – Unique Kids Bedrooms

In my day we slept on simple twin beds.  MAYBE we got to pick our paint color but over all it was a simple quilt, plain pillow, “acceptable paint and a hand me down dresser.  Today’s kids however are living it up in style as parents out do themselves decoration the perfect childs room.

So come on along with me and check out some of the Best Kids Beds I found so far.

The 1st two are mostly traditional, clean lines, simple colors but some unique beds.

boy bedroom

I really love how simple bed #2 is.  I am thinking even I could build this bed.  The colors could change whenever, I love the smart idea of steps that are also drawers.  Well thought out and just simple.

great kids bunk bed

Now lets move onto the NOT so Simple.  Let’s start with our Princess Line.

Stairs up to the little Play Area/ Princess Tower,  and a Slide runs down the opposite side for a quick exit from those dastardly knights

girl bed

Very Similar to the First Princess Bed but also houses shelving in the turrets


What little girl wouldn’t swoon over this Cinderella Carriage Bed?

princess bedroom

Maybe you have boys?  How About a Nautical Theme which seems still to be so popular?

tugboat bedroom

There are so many great ideas you can come up with when you use a Nautical theme.

pirate bedroom

These Little Dingy’s are so MUCH fun!  One of my favorites.

dingys bedroom

Now as for this one… WOW, I am thinking this child has a VERY special Parents who can provide him such a bed.  I wonder if he forgets to brush his teeth is he has to walk the plank?ship bed

Oh now I have saved the best ones for last.  Here we goooooo

This is a nursery, what a sweet idea for a baby bed, like being cared for in the forest by wild beasts?  Possibly Fairies dancing around you to protect you?

baby room

This tree house bed offers a slide and a play space.  I again like this one because it feels like something I could make

treehouse bed

As for this Dinosaur Bed I dunno, That looks MUCH to scary to sleep in, is it just me?

dinosaur bed

Lastly is this nest bed, of all the beds today this is my favorite.  I can just imagine myself flopping into this big round soft bed and being cradled by soft inviting pillows as I slowly lull myself to sleep.

Do you have a favorite?

nest bed

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