Is GoDaddy the Anti-Christ of Domain Hosting?


Years ago when I figured out how to buy my first Domain name I went to  Years and many domains later GoDaddy still had my business… that is until Today!

You know there are some things you simply tolerate until you can NOT tolerate them anymore, and today my tolerance threshold was met.

Let me say a few things first to GoDaddy

Dear GoDaddy, I have been a client of yours for a very long time.  I never found your site easy to understand but I thought that was just me.  I constantly advise people they need to buy vanity urls to brand themselves when I am advising on marketing strategies and each time I recommend you, BUT that stops here and now.  In fact you have pissed me off so much I am not only transferring my 17 domains away from you I am also writing a blog about it so others will hopefully leave you in the dust.  YOU are simply too big for your britches! From this point forward my Coaching clients AND the Clients who’s social media I manage personally are all taking our business Elsewhere.

Signed,  You don’t love me anymore

Now that we have officially, Broke up, let me tell you why and then give you some better options.

WHY: I am going to make why short because I don’t think you care why, you have your own why or you wouldn’t be reading this.  The why frankly is I am always getting sales emails from you so many I do not really read your emails anymore, which caused me to miss an email about an expiring domain.  I logged on to check another domain on 6/25 and registered a couple of new ones too and I saw no mention of the domain name that had passed the HUGE 18 day window you allowed me.  Now I have to pay $80 per domain to recover them?  REALLY?  Oh sure they gave me a discount but still I am done getting nickeled and dimed to death by you guys so ta ta!

Here is the email they sent me after I left.  Sorry to see you go, we don’t care enough to ask why and oh by the way are you sure you don’t want to buy more stuff from us?  How about a discount? (original email below)




Dear Carolyn Mantia,

We’re sorry you transferred your domain name(s) away from We are committed to providing quality services and products and hope that we met your needs.

If you feel your transfer was in error, or if you have changed your mind, please contact our 24/7 sales department at (480) 505-8877. They’ll assist you in transferring your domain name(s) back to us.† Keep in mind that we continue to offer low prices and $7.99 transfer rates on some domains.

Sincerely,go daddy devil agenl
Go Daddy

P.S. Visit ( and SAVE 15%* off your order of $50 or more. Just use source code gdbba1365 when you check out to get your special savings. Start shopping now at or order by phone at (480) 505-8821.

Ahhhh yup, I clearly see how much you care about me and my 17 little domain names

OK so where I went and why.

I went to

Name is an incredibly simple domain registration site that boasts a few features that most others don’t have. When you search for a domain name of any kind, it goes beyond simply telling you if it’s available or not and will actually let you know if a domain is (or will be) up for auction. They also offer this thing called the domain grabber, which is essentially a service where you pay to snatch up a taken domain that you really want as soon as it becomes available.

Domain registration at Namecheap is economical, as their name implies.  Namecheap hasn’t built a name for itself just by offering the absolute cheapest deals in town. Namecheap’s reputation comes from the excellent customer service & added value packages. You also get, free whois and free email and URL forwarding, free and customization options for domain parking, free domain transfers, dynamic DNS services if you want to redirect a domain to your home server, and more. You can jump right to their pricing schedule here or read more about their free features here.

You may or may not choose to go to Namecheap, but one thing I will encourage you to do is LEAVE godaddy.  It takes a little time to move those domain names but I promise you it will be well worth it in the end.

4 thoughts on “Is GoDaddy the Anti-Christ of Domain Hosting?

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I had the same thing happen to me about 4 weeks ago. I have been waiting to hear about a few more domain sites to (re)register my website and blog, as they have both expired and the required $80 (each) was requested by Go Daddy to recover them and get them back up and running. I am glad I read your blog today. I am looking into Namecheap right now. Thanks.

    • Todd I was able to talk them down to $40 each to get them reactivated, I was afraid to wit the 60-90 days and hope no one else registered them. Namecheap also does the email forward free and the who is free I also have a code you can use, hotnames I think it was

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  3. I had this same thing happen to me…..thanks for the Namecheap tip I never heard of them. I have a vacation company domain that I plan to move asap!

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