10 Yard Sale Tips for Success

yard sale signSo you decided to have a yard sale, question is… Why?

Are you having it to get rid of a bunch of stuff you do not need an make a little cash in the process OR are you doing it to make some real money?  Well here are some tips to help you.

#1 Signage means a LOT-  simple signs that say yard sale with a big arrow will get your shoppers to you.  There is no need for the sign to have directions and a list of items, it is too small for someone to read while driving, keep it simple YARD SALE with an arrow.yard sale sign 2

#2 Display – You will increase the money you make if the items you have for sale are clean and well presented, most people will not dig for long through mounds of madness, but instead items that are clean and clearly marked as well as displayed in a way that they can be seen will sometimes as much as double the price you can charge.

#3 Price– There are 2 pricing strategies, price it to sell or price it to increase profit, what is your goal?  Yard sales are the place for bargain shoppers, it should be a win-win for everyone involved, do not price yourself out of a sale.  Many Yard Salers will do a quick glance around at items and prices and if your prices are out of line on several products they will leave before seeing all you have to offer.

#4 Advertise – If you are going to Advertise keep it Local, Social media such as facebook is a great place to advertise an upcoming yard sale/flea market or even post particular items that you will have for sale

#5 Size Does Matter – The more the Merrier, when having a Block sale, subdivision sale or a Multi Family sale you share the work and the fun as well as increase the chance of bargain hunters stopping by for a chance to look at LOTS of stuff

#6 Have plenty of change- Depending on your pricing strategy make sure you can make change,  Lots of $5’s and 1’s and plenty of quarters as well as what ever else you might need, I suggest making everything in increments of quarters to save yourself a headache

yard sale power strip#7 Electronics Testing – Make it easy for shoppers to tet ny electronics, have a power cable out and ready to go, even hang a sign that is clear, “Test Items Here”.  People will be much faster to purchase electronics they have tested

#8 Clearly Label- Make sure items are clearly labeled, Clothing for example make sure there is a tag for sizes, a post it explaining whats included or what might be missing.

#9 Books – So many people think the best way to display books is a box on the ground, again you will get a higher price and people will linger longer if they are not bent over our crouched down trying to juggle their treasures

#10 Be Friendly when people arrive, encourage them to ask any questions, but do not hover over them or point out what wonderful items you have, it can be awkward trying to shop with someone hovering over you, another great suggestion is have some music playing in the back ground, nothing offensive, just something happy and up beatyard sale 1

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