All Star Game Marc Anthony Controversy- TAKE ACTION


At least once a month the bowels of the nation rise their racists heads and say or do something unfathomable.  The current attack, if you are not aware, is against Marc Anthony singing God Bless America at the All Star Game. Here is the link of the Video

Let me hook you up with a few of the facts first.

Fact 1: Mr. Anthony is a US citizen and was in fact born in the US, New York to be Specific.

84th MLB All-Star Game

Fact 2: Anthony not only is an American citizen but he also participates in charitable support for many charities including a large donation to Children’s Health Fund’s Operation Assist after Hurricane Katrina, and encouraged their fans to give as well.

Fact 3: someone who does not LOVE America is NOT gonna stand up and sing God Bless America

Question 1:  I wonder if these clowns below even know ALL THE WORDS to God Bless america and could sing it themselves?

Below you will see the Tweets posted after his performance, it is sickening.  So here is my suggestion copy and paste all the names of the tweets you will see below and send them one message ALL of us saying the same thing.  HATE is not welcome here! #NOMOREHATE  Here are the names


Copy and paste below into your Twitter (You have to do it in 4 tweets due to the large # of names)

@G_Lewis19, @chancellorjones, @tylerpounds, @kreiderkid, @ethanhutch, @dusboy7, @sonnier6 HATE is not welcome here!  #NOMOREHATE

@treymcnickle, @janosek21, @jdvardaman_50, @mikeglatz, @brianj5685, @parkerl5, @dolso4, @blakebryc HATE is not welcome here!  #NOMOREHATE

@hund_12, @jakebabcock, @campsterac, @bennyvt13, @coachkfowler, @Nicholas_nigro HATE is not welcome here!  #NOMOREHATE

@sirrock1001, @jarijallday, @jtrnk33, @trusso01, @rweaber19 HATE is not welcome here!  #NOMOREHATE

ma1 ma2 ma3 ma10 ma11 ma12 ma13 ma14 ma15 ma16 ma17 ma18 ma19 ma20 ma21 ma22 ma23 ma24 ma25 ma26 ma27ma01 ma02 ma03 ma04 ma05


3 thoughts on “All Star Game Marc Anthony Controversy- TAKE ACTION

  1. This is a wonderful article, I heard people at the bar complaining about being Marc Anthony singing and questioning his nationality. New York choose him because he is native to New York and the All Star game was held in New York. America pretends to fight racism, but is it biggest advocates. We are our worst enemies. “Is Civil War II in America’s Future” should be your next blog subject….

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