5 Unique Facts about the Royal Baby, It’s a BOY – Why is this so important?


Congratulations to William and Kate and their families on the birth of the Newest member of the Family, the newest Prince!  Now that he has arrived a healthy baby boy there will be a flurry of activity welcoming him into this world and into the arms of  the World.

Celebrations will be had by many who want to be included in the festivities although the life of this little Prince may never cross theirs,  British Type Dinners are planned such as Bangers and Mashers and Fish and Chip, Much Ale to be drank as local Pubs are looking for larger than normal crowds wanting to “Share” that feeling of celebration that is happening across the pond.1003846_10153045894400603_117297242_n

5 Unique Royal Baby Facts

  1. World landmarks including Niagara Falls, Toronto’s CN Tower and the fountains at London’s Trafalgar Square will turn pink or blue to celebrate the birth, depending on whether it is a girl or boy.
  2. Princess Diana fooled the press by telling them her son was due on July 1 – he arrived 10 days earlier, catching the newspapers completely off guard.
  3. The baby already has its own Wikipedia page – “Child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge”.diana william
  4. If child lives to 87 it will become first monarch of the 22nd century
  5. It has been 120 Years since a sitting monarch has been alive for the birth of a great-grandchild and heir apparent. Queen Victoria was still ruling when her great-grandson was born.

diana will 3

With  all of the hype and excitement about the upcoming birth of the Royal Baby I found myself pondering why?  Why the media insanity, why are we watching every moment, why are people around the world so interested in this one little child.

One word, HOPE, Hope for brighter happier times, hope that focusing on the joy of birth will take our minds off the housing market woes, war, terrorists, money problems, murder, mayhem and general unrest.  For a moment no thoughts of Hate and racism as we have seen with Marc Anthony, Trayvon Martin even the Paula Deen craziness, instead it is a time for something happy and beautiful and innocent…. If only for a moment

The world united similarly with the Marriage of Charles and Diana and the birth of William, another joyous time for the world to unite, who would have known it would have such a tragic turn of events.  Now as we watch William and Kate again are hearts are filled with joy and anticipation of a fairy tale life.diana william 2


For a moment this baby becomes a unified focus of joy and love and happiness, we can share all the dreams of the bright future this future leader will have.  This is not just the celebration of a nation but a celebration of life in general for the human race.

diane willian 3



Truth be known it doesn’t matter what the sex of the baby is, all that matters is that the newest Royal is Healthy so the world can celebrate this happy joyous occasion and for a moment step into the fairy tale that is the life of a Royal.

So back to the original question, why is this so important?  This is important because if only for a moment the eyes of the world are focused on one joyful, happy event.  The tragic and depressing news of the world is set aside so we can have a collective sigh of relief and a unified cheer of joy we can all share.

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