Your Resort is Sinking? Vacation Nightmare

fl sink hole 1

Can you imagine booking a vacation in a beautiful resort located only 6 miles from Walt Disney World only to pull in and find the buildings are sinking?  Well that is what happened this past Sunday at Summer Bay Resorts.

The main page of the resorts Web page includes an eerie note on what happened, followed by a book your reservation here section.

florida sink hole

36 People were evacuated when an alert security guard realized there was a problem and risked his own life to notify the vacationers out of their tropical retreat before being harmed.  Luckily NO ONE was injured, yet the twisted remains of the once beautiful lodging lay scattered with no rhyme or reason.

Florida is known for sink holes mostly due to limestone and natural springs, but that is no comfort to those whose vacation was turned upside down, literally.

fl sink hole 2

Just in case you are thinking, Maybe I should look into Trip Insurance there is such an insurance available.

I found some information here for you to take a look at Insure My Trip Blog


Interested in knowing where exactly the sink holes are in Florida?  Check out this Sink Hole Map of Florida

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