The Senseless Death of a Beautiful Girl- Tragic Death of Gia Allemand is a lesson to us All

gia 6I am not much of a reality show kinda girl.  The drama, gossip and back stabbing that most of them have going on is simply not something I choose to bring into my life.

So I saw the story of Reality show hopeful  ‘Bachelor’ Star Gia Allemand Dying and although I didn’t know her thought, what a shame, such a beautiful young woman.  Then I read the articlesgia 1

29 year old Allemand died after a failed suicide attempt in New Orleans.  Her boyfriend (NBA Star Ryan Anderson) found her and called 911.  She had loss of brain and organ function so therefore the family ceased life support.

Why was such a beautiful young girl plagued with so many insecurities?  Why did this beautiful young lady have a “Full Facial Rebuild” before appearing on the bachelor.

Women, by nature, are very self-critical about their looks.   I can prove this, just look at all the big business out there, diet plans, cosmetic surgery, make up, hair products and services, the list goes on and on and on.

Let’s be realistic it is everywhere, blame it on Barbie, Blame it on TV and the movies, blame it on men, then once you are done blaming someone, let it go and move on.  This isn’t gonna change!  Ladies Listen to this, whether you are tall or short, fat or skinny, blonde or brunette it doesn’t matter.  The old cliché is true, beauty comes from within.  Just be the lovable YOU without worrying about where you are positioned with others.

gia 2

If someone doesn’t like you for how you look you have to simply let that go, it is out of your control and instead gravitate to the people who are sincere and authentic and just like you for who you are.

Sure lots of people out there are superficial, and all of us have a look or body type that we prefer, if you do not have that look or body type for that person move on.

gia as girl

Gia Showing Childhood Photos to Ellen, explaining her lips were NOT augmented

gia in 2010

Gia in 2010 before the “Full Facial Rebuild” Still looks AMAZING!

Ask yourself these questions

  • What are you insecure about?
  • Who are you trying to please and why?

gia 3

Now do the following

  • Acknowledge you are not perfect and that, that is ok.
  • When those insecure thoughts start, focus on something different pick anything from the room to focus on.
  • Note what brings those insecure thoughts to the surface, what the triggers are and try to reset them, just like resting the trigger that makes us eat or smoke.
  • Do not worry about what others think of you, odds are they are worrying what you think of them.
  • Stay away from negative people, they will suck the life out of you.  It is an anchor you can NOT break free from.
  • It is impossible for you to be responsible for other peoples happiness and impossible for other people to be responsible for yours, just live and be happy.

In Gia’s case her issues went so deep that in the end no one could save her.  Pay attention to the people you love and surround yourself with, depression and lack of self worth is a terrible burden to many, so terrible that it can seem ending your life is easier.  If in doubt send your loved one to get the mental health care they need, it is better to be over cautious then planning a funeral.

Ashton Kutcher summed up the important things the best way I have ever heard it explained, sit back and give him your attention for the next 4 and a half minutes.  Then share it with someone who needs it. THIS is what SEXY is.

gia 4

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