Hosting an AWESOME Dexter Party


We decided to host a Dexter party.  I typically go over the top so here are some ideas we used.  Many of these can be mixed up for Halloween Parties as well. Our Cocktail of the Night was “Blood Orange Bloody Mary”  blood orange bloody mary dinnerDinner was Ham Steaks with Over Easy Eggs and Tabasco Sauce Finally Dessert was “Camilla Best Key Lime Pie”key lime The last recipe we made was Candy “Blood Slides” blood slide Next we went to the Dollar store and got some random Body Parts. The Hardware Store for some painting drop cloths, red paint and tape Walmart for Red Yarn and Black Fabric We are set dexter party We wrapped the body Parts in Plastic and tape. We created a kill kit simply with some black fabric That with our slightly sick looking blood slides we looked pretty good. Of Course we needed a Kill room.  That is as easy as you think, some rolls of plastic from the painting section of Loews, $5 for 5 rolls. Simply cover the walls20130922-172925.jpg20130922-175823.jpg 20130922-172944.jpg Splatter analysis requires yarn and a simple music stand.  We got wall Putty (The kind you would use to hang posters)  Tack the yar to where you expect blood splatter to be and then bring all the yarn strands to one central location on the music stand, that would be your point of impact.  Cool huh?finger nails 20130922-173518.jpg 20130922-173540.jpg Lastly we needed a crime scene so with a cheap Shower Curtain Liner and a small can of red paint we created a psycho like murder scene for the bathroom.  (We plan to leave this hang for the Halloween holiday so we have a clear shower curtain protecting the painted one and a second shower liner behind it as well.  Yes this really is my bathroom. shower curtain Directions to make this, simply lay a shower curtain over a large table (I used me BBQ Pit and Fence)  Then pour paint in hands and rub them together.  First place hand prints and drag them slightly to make a more dramatic look.  When done simply fling the remaining paint on your hands towards the shower curtain, like you are drying them off, that will make the splatter effect.  Warning do not wear good clothes during this process it can be messy.

Of Course we are sporting our Dexter Henley shirts as well.

dexter shirt

And what would be a kill room with our photos, we printed a few 14 of Dexters Kills to add effect kill a kill b kill c kill d kill e
kill h
kill fkill k kill o killl killm killn killo

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