Hosting an AWESOME Breaking Bad Party

bbThis weekend will mark the end of the Series Breaking Bad.  So it is fitting it should be commemorated with a party.

Here are a few ideas of what you might need for that party.

First you need some Walter White Essentials


The Hat is called a Porkpie and pretty impossible to find, if you do find it it is pretty expensive, so we located black hats from a local costume place that were darn close

Adding ribbon around the crown to match the ribbon in Walters hat

Dark sunglasses are of course a must

Then there is the bald head (Again a local costume shop helped with that)

A wind Breaker and a Goateegoatee

Need an app?  How about a Simple Heisenberg Cheese Ball?  This is merely a cheese ball with some felt cut out to make it look like Heisenberghimself

cheese ball

For the Menu We decided to get a bucket of chicken and attach Los Pollos Logos to the bucket, then what ever sides one might have with that.

This logo can be used for LOTS of thinks like Napkins and Drink glasses as well.

los pollos logo

A couple of other food options of Course Pizza for the Roof Top Pizza Episode or We considered Bacon and Eggs, using the Bacon to create a 52 but we had Ham and Eggs for the Final Dexter Party a Week Earlier, what is it with killers and Eggs?

bday eggs roof pipzza

We figured beer would be the drink of the day, creating labels for SchaderBrau and placing it over our own beer labels


We also had to recognize Jesse so we will be serving “The Pinkman”  Yo it will get you drunk Bitches (A Cosmo type drink)

How about this great recipe for “Walerita”  A twist on the Margarita


Next we searched craigslist and Resale shops for Chemistry sets or Beakers to set up in the dining room and found a nice set.


Of course this party would not be complete without “Blue Sky” Making an appearance.  This is simply a recipe for Blue candy that should be served in plastic bags.





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