Government Shut Down – TAKE ACTION

Government-ShutdownSo the Government has Shut Down

What can you do?  Well you can go here and find your representative and send them the message that you are NOT going to take this anymore and that you will vote accordingly in the next election.




Let me make it easy for you, here are the links to contact your representatives and even a sample email to send them.

Then share this with your friends and family.

Find your Senator Here

Find your House Rep Here

This takes no time to click this link enter your zip code +4 and email your  message.  Here is an example you can copy and paste if you want

“This Government Shut down is unacceptable! I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!  I will respond to government miss management with my vote come election time, that is my message to those who represent me.  We need to get this fixed NOW.  What are you doing to make this right? ”



We as a society cannot sit back and let someone else fix this for us, we need to take action on our own and have our voices heard.

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