Craft- Halloween Shower Curtain


This was QUICK and easy to make and also in expensive

I bought 2 clear shower curtains at Walmart $5.00 Each

1 White shower curtain liner at the dollar store $1

1 Very small can of paint at Lowes (Red) $5

Total Spent $16 and I can save it and reuse since the curtain is not getting Wet or ruined by the shower

Yes this is my real bathroom.IMG_0028


I laid the shower curtain outside over my BBQ pit, you can use a table a fence a laundry line what ever you have.


Pour the paint into your hands and place hand prints, dragging them slightly down shower curtain for effect.  Then flick your fingers like you would do to dry your hands to make paint splatter.


Make them as bloody as you want or just do a little.


Let it dry over night.


When you hang it I place one clear curtain on each side of it, that way I had a liner in my tub and the actually curtain was out of the tub, I did that to make it last longer, it should last several seasons.

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