Trick or Treat Like your 50!

Tonight I enjoyed a whole new level of trick or treating.

I have enjoyed the trick or treat ritual as a child…..

I enjoyed it again as a proud parent….

I have enjoyed it as a grand mother…

But tonight I enjoyed it like a 50 year old.

With no plan we decided to dress up and get in the car.  We drove from house to house neighborhood after neighborhood to the homes of our friends and parties that we randomly saw on Facebook that we were NOT invited to.

We crashed with the “Trick or Treat” chant quickly pressing our empty grandma wine glasses forward.20131031-214904.jpg

No we didn’t want no stinking candy… We wanted wine…  And Yes we had a joke and we wanted a real treat…

Not candy20131031-214833.jpg




Stick of Butter

Oatmeal and even a Potato20131031-214732.jpg

Did I mention I also scored a baseball centerpiece WITH Roses and a half bottle of red wine?

Sure they laughed at us and thought we were joking but this is real life people, and we were on a mission to score a meal!  OK at least I was.20131031-214744.jpg

20131031-214720.jpgMy partner in crime netted 3 mis-matched socks, a mini maraca and a poker chip.   Hmmmmmm  I can train her I promise you she will do better next year.

So beware next Halloween when an older adult walks down the eerily illuminated path to your home, she is not there for “Kids Stuff” but instead for the “Real Thing”  life is short..

Just Have Fun


Eat Breakfast.

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