Living Your Life – A Month in Review


Six months ago if you had asked me where I would be this Holiday Season I would have either replied with a dreamy version of (where I hoped to be) or I would have said I would be in the same place doing the same thing I always do.

As many of you know 40 days ago my life changed as I moved from the security of a long time job in a safe place into the great unknown of what should I do now.

Let me tell you it is both Terrifying and Empowering.   Some days I am relieved. Other days I cried and worried.  My 89-year-old father thought I LOST my mind and was VERY upset about this career change.  My friends were encouraging and knew that I would find the path I was looking for.  Other entrepreneurs told me how liberated they are leaving behind a “job” and building a future.

It is funny that I found some of the people I trusted, cared about and respected were not there for me, and other people I had overlooked suddenly stepped out of the shadows and became cheerleaders and counselors.

On October 18th everything I knew about my future turned completely upside down.

worried smileyOddly enough, I went through the stages of loss, even though I chose this path.

Denial – Denial that I no longer was working a full time salaried job.

Anger – Anger at myself for choosing change over security.

Bargaining – Bargaining on what I “Wanted” and what I “needed”.

Depression – Depression that maybe I made the wrong decision

Acceptance – Acceptance that I could build the life I wanted.

So after about 3 weeks of that process I got to work.  I started by writing out what I wanted, writing down what it looked like, building plans and strategies, deciding who the people and businesses were that I wanted to work with and who I did not want to work with.  I built a vision of a group of professionals that were strong, vital, creative, business minded, caring, responsible and of course a little bit of fun.

I have to tell you; on this journey I have met some people who will be life long friends!  On this journey I have found two of my friends in particular to be an amazing support to me far more than I ever dreamed they could or would be.

I found out who my friends and allies are and who was never really there at all.  Today, 40 days later my eyes are open, my head is clear, my heart if full and my future is filled with unlimited possibilities!

So this thanksgiving I want to thank you, each and every one of you for watching out for me, supporting or cheering me on in my journey.  You, yes you, every one of you has inspired me.

happily-ever-after2014 is going to be an Amazing year.  

Stay Tuned as it all unfolds at my new Company Fan Page Clarity Street

In closing, I hope my joy and excitement can in some way be an inspiration to you and encourage you not sit back and simply be an observer in your life but instead to take it by the reins and be the Map Maker of your Destiny.

Life is short my friends

Do not miss a moment of it!


“Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams!  Live the life you imagined”

– Thoreau

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