Man Says He’s Banned From Walmart For Life

What does it say that WALMART bans customers for life? Not for stealing? Not for Vandalism but for Price Matching? Crazy This guy goes there because he LOVES WALMART I have to make myself go, makes ya wanna think twice before you go somewhere just to save a buck!

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QUEEN CREEK, AZ (KNXV) — Walmart is speaking out after a Valley man said he found out the hard way just how to get banned from their stores for life.

Joe Cantrell loves to ad match.

He goes through circulars to find the biggest discounts, and then goes to Walmart.

According to the company’s website, they match the lowest advertised price on identical products, but when Joe tried doing that last week, the unthinkable happened.

What started as a trip to a San Tan Valley Walmart to get ornaments for his family’s Christmas tree, turned into the biggest nightmare of Joe’s life.

“I was handcuffed, humiliated and embarrassed in front of everybody at Walmart,” Joe remembers.

Walmart sent ABC15 the following statement Tuesday:

“We make every effort to make sure our customers have a good experience in our stores. As in previous situations, we attempted…

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