New Year Resolutions

Great suggestions for your New Years Resolution and this one does not require a Diet (-:

Legacy Law Firm LLC


Whats on your list? Losing weight? Quit smoking? Get a new job? Hitting the gym more often? Creating a budget? More time with the family? How about getting your estate plan in order?
I didn’t think so.
Estate planning is one of those things that no-one likes to think about either because you think you don’t need it (I am too young for that). Or you think it’s too complicated or expensive (I can’t afford doing this now, maybe later). Maybe I can counter these objections with some simple information.
Estate planning is not the same as financial planning. Part of creating a good financial plan is getting your estate plan completed but you can do one without the other.
If you own a home, own vehicles, have life insurance, have retirement plans, or have a bank account, you have an estate that should go to your family or loved…

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