GOFUNDME Revolution – when is enough enough?

 I have seen this posted and a lot of VERY hateful comments.  Here’s my 2 cents.  She cancelled her wedding out of respect for those killed AND because frankly it was not the time for a family event.  

These places aren’t gonna refund her money.  She is a victim here and the one who gave up his name so the police could stop him from hurting anyone else.  

FOUR days before her wedding she had to come to the realization that her brother, the man she grew up with, murdered 9 human beings, IN CHURCH!  Can you even imagine what that must feel like?  Do you know what that does to a family?  Do you know the guilt a family holds for acts like this?

I do! 

My brother is a murderer!  In 1977 he stabbed someone 35 times and that person died, and what happened to our family after that was something no one should ever live through.  That guilt followed both my mother and father until the day they died.  Some people know this part of my life, others do not.  But this isn’t about me, this is about a young girl, who was trying to bring something normal back to their lives that will NEVER be the same again.

So poor young girl, trying to start new life, prob doesn’t have much money to start probably is struggling financially to try to salvage what will always be tied to a horrendous act.   I say leave the poor girl alone!  She did nothing wrong, her parents did not do this either.  Her brother did this!  He pulled the trigger, he killed these people, he killed them in their house of worship, a place that should have been a safe place.

On another note!  WTH with gofundme?  Number one you do NOT get all the money you raise, gofundme takes more than 5%!  Let’s call this what it is, gofundme is raking it in.  They are not giving it back to the family of the cancer victim!   Have you actually been to that site ever?  Hundreds and thousands of pages for people with hands out.  Not working for a living, not opening lemonade stands on corners to make money, not selling personal possessions to raise capital, but begging!  Hoping their photo and story will tug at your heart strings to give!

And YOU!  The media!  You go to these families and say things like, we have had calls at the station how to donate to you, you should start a gofundme page.  What happened to well meaning family members openinga bank acct when there was a need?  A place for donations, YOU are encouraging this none sense!  And then you blast it all over the media when you see this poor girl usng it?  What in the heck is wrong with you people?

Here is how much money gofundme is raking in.


Ok but back to the point of this biog

I think this young lady had some poor judgement putting her name out there for this in light of what happened, but I don’t think this makes her a horrible person.  And I don’t think she deserves the pure unadulterated hate being directed towards her.

I don’t think she was trying to get something FREE and take advantage of the situation.  Here s what the go fund me page actually said….

I think she is a devastated young lady who had the greatest day of her life, one she planned, saved and paid for ripped out from under her by a man filled with hatred and was trying to make some way to take it back and find that moment of joy again in her life.

She has my prayers for peace.

As for gofundme, I have a personal standard never to support anything driven by that site.  If there is someone I am moved to donate too I will find another way.

You might not like what I have to say, but it is just my 2 cents

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