Car SCAM – Don’t be the victim

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Looking for a used car?

Find one that is a GREAT deal?

So did I, luckily I took the time to do a little research now I am going to share that with you.  When inquiring about a car i found on if a car was still available I got this response from someone claiming to be Daniel Gilliam  (

First, a few words about this 2005 Nissan Frontier SE is in perfect working condition, with nothing mechanically wrong – like new! This vehicle has 145,300 miles, used just to cruise. No accident history, clear title, no dents or dings and no scratches. Transmission type: Automatic. If you decide to buy it, you’ll receive all the papers, owner manual, keys, a buy-sell contract already signed by me and the clear title.
I have a low price ($2,500), because I want to sell it before August 15th. The reason for selling is that I am in U.S. Air Force part of a emergency medical team and my unit will be sent back oversea to replace and help the troops scheduled to come home this year, and I don’t want it get old in a storage garage for 18 month
If you’re interested to conclude this purchase in a timely manner email me your: Full Name and Shipping Address, to open a case with eBay. They will contact you to explain the entire procedure. The financial part will be managed by them, which means that you will have a 5 days inspection period before committing to buy the vehicle. eBay buyer protection we are both 100% covered during the steps of this transaction.
Hope to hear from you soon
U.S. Air Force  Daniel Giliam”
In case you weren’t sure, THIS is where this landed on the BULL$HIT scale
Here was my response:
“You should be ashamed of yourself for impersonating someone who is serving our country to scam someone out of their money.  You might WIN with this scam with some poor person who doesn’t know better but KARMA has a funny way of coming around for people like you and when it doesn’t, when that next bad thing happens to you or yours, be it money, sickness or even untimely death remember you brought it on yourself by hurting others.”
We can laugh and joke about this but these guys/girls are doing this because it works!  They steal someones money and they are laughing at us all the way to the bank.
car scam honda.jpg
They hide it many ways.
Look at Glenda Pearson a seemingly normal facebook user posts this for her “mom”  so by the way find her on Facebook because she is also a SCAMMER!
In my search for a car a friend sent me a link from a group she has purchased several cars from successfully.  I quickly emailed the person to get the info, here is the email I got back from her.
On Mon, Aug 7, 2017 at 9:19 AM, Erica Jones <> wrote:

Hi, like I said in my first email, I moved to Omaha, NE to my sister. The car is with me, and it’s ready to be delivered to its next owner. I am responsible only for the shipping. I am not involved in the payment process. Payment is between you and eBay. I get paid only after you receive the car and agree to its condition. If you don’t like the car, eBay will fully refund you and I will get the car back. I am an eBay member and using this service you will get a 7 days testing period after delivery. During that 7 days testing period I will not be getting any money from eBay. If you are interested and you want to review the eBay terms, please email me your info so I can fill out the form on eBay. I need your name and an address where you want the car delivered. Once I have it, I will contact eBay and they will send you all the details on how this works.

Again someone playing with a buyer, telling a sad tale of my loss is your gain.  I almost fell for this one hook line and sinker until I google (probably much like you) car scam.
My hope is this post will help someone like me to avoid being taken advantage of.  Please share it with the people you care about and feel free to comment the names and email addresses of anyone YOU find who is playing this scam to tie them to this fraudulent scam.
Stay safe out there everyone!

2 thoughts on “Car SCAM – Don’t be the victim

  1. Thanks for the post, I have ran into that same ”” with a recent different car ad with the exact story as yours, a search of that email take me to your post here.

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