Westgate Branson – Nightmare Travel

We are always looking to establish new traditions with our families, hopefully, traditions that everyone loves so much they look forward to.


This year we thought a mystery back to school trip for all grandchildren 10 or older might be the ticket.  Our hope was a mystery train ride somewhere but the pickings are pretty slim for places to take a train from St Louis so instead, we opted to spend more money than we had budgeted to go to Branson.  We found what was the perfect little resort for grandparents with one grandchild in tow and a little dog.  Westgate Woods Resort. (Our 5-year-old cockapoo weighs 20lbs.)

We booked it on hotels.com because it seemed to be the best way to see all the area hotels that were pet-friendly and had a separate bedroom.  Here are the photos


We booked dinner at the Dixie Stampede and ordered train tickets in advance.

When we arrived on 8/7/2017 I went in to check us in.  I was told I had to pay a $170 pet deposit.  I explained no that when I booked I paid all fees and the $170 was never a part of this agreement. (I had already paid for the rental and had my granddaughter sitting in the car with a dog, what was I going to do?  She went on to explain this is to thoroughly clean the room in case the next person staying there had allergies.  Reluctantly with no other options, I paid it.  I later realized it was also NON-REFUNDABLE!!

They directed me to some other person to go pick up my key, then that person escorted me to a big desk with a man behind it who proceeded to try to offer me “Free show tickets” if of course, I would sit thru a timeshare presentation.  I explained I already paid for my tickets before I came and I had no desire to buy a timeshare.  He was pretty pushy, offering me $100 in cash,  but I left just the same.

So off I went to my room……

I was MORE than a little miffed to see EVERY inch of flooring was simply final faux wood and the sofa was leather.  So THIS is what I paid a $170 pet cleaning fee for? REALLY?

I was further stunned when I saw my amazing view out the window.

We were in a hurry to make it to the show so I ran in and dropped my bag so we wouldn’t be late.  I was stunned to see my bedroom include a piece of random wood as the headboard.


This photo is taken right before we left, the bed was made when we arrived.

Off we went to the Dixie Stampede and then back to our “Home away from home” to relax play games and watch TV.  This was the first time I got to take a really good look at this unit and was completely grossed out.  Now keep in mind while viewing these photos I only stayed here 2 nights. and remember I was FORCED at check-in to pay a $170 NON-REFUNDABLE pet fee.

The bathroom, the chair we were supposed to sit and eat dinner on OMG it was DISGUSTING! Bugs in the light, this unit has NEVER been cleaned or at least for a long time and they wanted ANOTHER $170 when they didn’t even clean the unit they put us in?  The kennel my DOG sleeps in is cleaner than this room!!!!!

While exploring the next day it became clear they put us in a unit that is in a building where no one else is staying and is under renovation.  The common hallway where the snack and soda machine are kept was filled with abandoned furniture and even filthier than our room.

The rooms facing the parking lot had no curtains and clearly were having work done

The staff was parking in the parking lot for this building leaving us to park pretty far away from our unit,  This happened EVERY day and the cars sat there all day long.  We could watch the staff get out of the car and walk over to work, there is no doubt this was not other guests.


Honestly, we were miserable in our room but kept busy doing things elsewhere so we didn’t have to be in the room.  When we left I felt filthy, I washed even the clothes I didn’t wear and aired out my suitcase.  I would NEVER recommend staying at Westgate Woods in Branson.



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