My Living Healthy Commitment

ex healthy

One year ago today I held out my pack of cigarettes and told Vivian this was the last of my cigarettes.  She replied asking if I needed to run and get more, I said, “no I think this is the last of my cigarettes forever”.

January 28th was my first day smoke Free and I remain smoke free.

For those of you who are struggling with quitting smoking let me say, it is hard, and I still crave a cigarette almost every day of my life, but I am glad to be free of the smell, the cost and the stigma that is that of a smoker.

Although my journey began a year ago to being healthier there are still MANY steps to complete.  I feel like although my lungs were clearer I had now gained so much weight, what was the point maybe I should have kept smoking.  Many of you however have reinforced, losing weight can and will happen, just stay the course on the non-smoking thing.  So I have.  So today I ask for your support and help as I start phase 2 of getting healthy, Let the Healthy Eating Begin.

I have gained more than an adequate amount of weight since I quit smoking AND decided to start a new business, stress does crazy things to cravings.  I hope you will join me on my journey to being healthier as I begin the process of losing weight.

I am not setting a goal to be Bikini ready I am simply setting the goal to lose at least 50 pounds, increase my activity and eat healthier foods.  Oh yeah to add more water to my in take as well.  Feel free to join me on this journey if you want, it begins on January 28th.


No one can just say the words that I want change without the desire to really do so, and no one can “Make” you do it their way.  Instead I believe we need to take it one step at a time making commitments we are willing to stand by and be accountable for.  Below I am listing some of the commitments that I think are needed in this process and encourage you if you want change to select the ones that work for you at this time and make your own commitment to living a healthier life

What will you commit to?  If you can select at least one item from each category to start with and grow from there

Exercising-More activity – 

Add one 30 min walk or more to your day

Add 30 minutes of cardio to your day

Take the steps instead of the elevator if you are traveling 2 floors or less

Park in the furthest parking space to the store




Healthy in take –

Remove Soda from your diet completelyex water

Drink a minimum of 64 oz of water each day

Eat small meals 5 times a day

Do not eat after 8 PM

Eat Breakfast

Eat smaller portions

Limit Alcohol intake to once per week


Healthy Habits –

Keep fresh vegis on hand for sudden cravings

Eat only at a table without Television

When you have a craving do something physical instead until the craving is gone


Tracking –

Join weight watchers

Weigh in one day a week, same time, same place, same clothes

Join a gym


exhealthylivingHealthy Mind Set –

Share you goal with your friends so they help support you

Share your weekly progress even if you gain a pound share it so others can lift you up

See the skinnier you


I hope you will take the challenge with me to be healthier in 2014.  Remember this is a process, it will not be easy, you will have ups and downs and the people who love you are cheering you on NOT judging you.

Be sure to like One Day Closer to Healthy on Face Book and or follow our blog as more tips will be posted there to help get you through the process it is also a safe place where you can post victories, road blocks and healthy life style and recipe ideas.


Congratulations on your new commitment!

Day One: When you wake up tomorrow Weigh in and get started



The Senseless Death of a Beautiful Girl- Tragic Death of Gia Allemand is a lesson to us All

gia 6I am not much of a reality show kinda girl.  The drama, gossip and back stabbing that most of them have going on is simply not something I choose to bring into my life.

So I saw the story of Reality show hopeful  ‘Bachelor’ Star Gia Allemand Dying and although I didn’t know her thought, what a shame, such a beautiful young woman.  Then I read the articlesgia 1

29 year old Allemand died after a failed suicide attempt in New Orleans.  Her boyfriend (NBA Star Ryan Anderson) found her and called 911.  She had loss of brain and organ function so therefore the family ceased life support.

Why was such a beautiful young girl plagued with so many insecurities?  Why did this beautiful young lady have a “Full Facial Rebuild” before appearing on the bachelor.

Women, by nature, are very self-critical about their looks.   I can prove this, just look at all the big business out there, diet plans, cosmetic surgery, make up, hair products and services, the list goes on and on and on.

Let’s be realistic it is everywhere, blame it on Barbie, Blame it on TV and the movies, blame it on men, then once you are done blaming someone, let it go and move on.  This isn’t gonna change!  Ladies Listen to this, whether you are tall or short, fat or skinny, blonde or brunette it doesn’t matter.  The old cliché is true, beauty comes from within.  Just be the lovable YOU without worrying about where you are positioned with others.

gia 2

If someone doesn’t like you for how you look you have to simply let that go, it is out of your control and instead gravitate to the people who are sincere and authentic and just like you for who you are.

Sure lots of people out there are superficial, and all of us have a look or body type that we prefer, if you do not have that look or body type for that person move on.

gia as girl

Gia Showing Childhood Photos to Ellen, explaining her lips were NOT augmented

gia in 2010

Gia in 2010 before the “Full Facial Rebuild” Still looks AMAZING!

Ask yourself these questions

  • What are you insecure about?
  • Who are you trying to please and why?

gia 3

Now do the following

  • Acknowledge you are not perfect and that, that is ok.
  • When those insecure thoughts start, focus on something different pick anything from the room to focus on.
  • Note what brings those insecure thoughts to the surface, what the triggers are and try to reset them, just like resting the trigger that makes us eat or smoke.
  • Do not worry about what others think of you, odds are they are worrying what you think of them.
  • Stay away from negative people, they will suck the life out of you.  It is an anchor you can NOT break free from.
  • It is impossible for you to be responsible for other peoples happiness and impossible for other people to be responsible for yours, just live and be happy.

In Gia’s case her issues went so deep that in the end no one could save her.  Pay attention to the people you love and surround yourself with, depression and lack of self worth is a terrible burden to many, so terrible that it can seem ending your life is easier.  If in doubt send your loved one to get the mental health care they need, it is better to be over cautious then planning a funeral.

Ashton Kutcher summed up the important things the best way I have ever heard it explained, sit back and give him your attention for the next 4 and a half minutes.  Then share it with someone who needs it. THIS is what SEXY is.

gia 4

Why Social Media is Important for Business

social media band wagon

In today’s “Immediate Gratification World” Social Media can Make or Break you.  Social Media has been responsible for Careers Ending (Case in point Paula Deen Saga), For Businesses Flourishing and for Viral content Trending.

As a Trainer I get asked at least once a day WHY, Why do I need Social Media, Why would I wan to blog, what is the benefit, it is just dumb, It is only a place people air their dirty laundry.

Look we are an immediate world.  Were too busy to meet our neighbors, or look up in the check out line.  We Put our phone numbers on no call lists, mark emails as spam so we NEVER see them and even put our snail mail on block lists.  We are barracking ourselves in.

I speak in part from a sales persons perspective.  Long ago, YOU looked for ME when you needed to make a purchase.  I have been trained in this and do it daily.  Today you read Blogs (By sometimes unqualified people) or articles and are a “Smart” consumer and do your own research.  You in many cases refuse the advice of the Professional and go on what you, read on the internet.

I have been told stories multiple times over the past few months of how a buyer client or seller client refused the

Agents advice on a deal because they didn’t trust them.  Well then why did you hire them.  I even stumbled upon a website that appears to be a “Consumer Help Site” that clearly says under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you ever take a referral from your agent.

A few bad apples seemingly spoiled the reputation of the outstanding agents out there working for buyers and sellers everyday.  The contacts and connections a great agent has with great service providers is one of the MANY valuable services they bring to the table for you.

Oh WAIT this is NOT a blog about Realtor frankly you could insert and industry you want in here, Insurance Agents, Dentists, Car Sales People, Mechanics, Doctors, Lawyers… ANYONE

The benefit of Social Media is it allows you to the ability to educate the public about your industry, education the public about you and your values.  Become a valued source of information and insight and you build a relationship with people you have never even met.

Now how do you do that specifically?  Here is how.  Create the following, a Blog, A Facebook Fan Page, A LinkedIn Account and Twitter, or hire someone to do it for you.

Set up these accounts to post daily for you, no this does not mean you need to be online daily it means create the content and schedule it to appear as if you post daily.

What you post needs to capture the viewer, you can do this with Unique photo graphs, A compelling title that they want to know more about, or make it personal to them.  Again if you are not willing to do it, hire someone.

All of these Social Media Sources work together.  Meaning you can write a blog that notifies your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Now in one post you have touches 4 places.  I will not try to tell you that this following will happen over night, but I will say as long as you are committed to grow and work the plan you will gain credibility.

Let me give you a great example.  YOU are HERE right NOW reading this Blog post.  One of 2 statements are true, you do not know me and have never been to my blog before or you do know me and visit often.  If you do not know me and this is the first time you have been here odd are you are going to click at least one more blog post of mine to see if you really are interested in what I have to say.

If you go and read 3 of my posts, odds are good you might consider following my blog in case I say something else later on that interests you.

I am NOT a super blogger, but my daily reads have gone from 0-5 a day to now 60-100 a day with my biggest day of over 133.

So let me tie this in a pretty little bow for you.  Why is social media important for YOUR business?  Social Media is important for your business because it allows outsiders to get a look inside who the real you is, behind the logo, behind the fancy commercials, behind the sign or business card and see how you think, what you care about and most importantly to the consumer….

Do You care about me and my situation?

Are you Smart?

Can I trust You?

And Yes in answer to your question here is someone you can hire if you decide not to do it on your own.

Clarity Street

Does Auricular Therapy Work? One Woman’s Honest Evaluation

auricular therapy

I decided it was probably time to quit smoking and it just so happened that Groupon had an offer for auricular therapy so I thought what would it hurt?  Right?

I made my appointment and went in.  I found myself at a Chiropractors office.  He was very nice and gave me a complete description of what he was doing, how it worked and how to succeed.  He also gave me a book to read about how to quit smoking.  As any good sales person would do he encouraged referrals of friends and talked briefly about his program to help lose weight, Yes I was already over weight and yes quitting smoking has the ,”you will gain weight mojo” that surrounds it.

What exactly he did was place tiny metal balls with an adhesive tape into my ear and outside my ear.  He told me to manipulate those alls when i had the urge and encouraged me to complete reading the book ASAP.

He followed up with me 24 and 48 hours later and when I didn’t return his calls I got an email too.

So I think he was great, I think he really wants you to succeed.auricular therapy does it work

But the real Question is did it work?

Personally I do not think it stopped my cravings at all.  I struggled and used a tremendous amount of will power NOT to give in and smoke.  I did not finish reading the book either.  So maybe that doesn’t make me a qualified person to write this.  I did manipulate the metal balls in my ears on a regular basis and felt no relief.

As the weeks and months passed I continued to get calls and letters trying to sell me on this Chiropractors weight loss program etc.  I can’t fault him it is a business right?

So in a summary NO I do not think auricular therapy works BUT I do think there is something to be said about visuals,  For me I needed an exit plan and there were steps involved, each step I took in and of itself was not the “MAGIC” cure all but, my mind was constantly reinforcing with each step my commitment to quit.

Want to know what all my steps were?  Check out my previous blog 

The Decision to Quit Smoking, How to not be a Quitter at Quitting

smoke free



I was nearing 50 and had my first grandchild.  I was overweight and not as active as I should be and on top of all of that I was a smoker.

I honestly liked smoking, I like the feeling of smoke in my lungs.

I think I smoked mostly because I needed it when i was bored, and needed it when I was nervous, needed it to relax me and clear my head.   I hated the smell and the cost and I knew it was bad for me but I did NOT want someone telling me what to do.

I really hated and continue to hate today the politico’s who make decisions for me of if the bar or restaurant I an patronizing  should have a smoking section or not.  I think that is the Owner of the establishments decision and the decision of the people who go there.  I do NOT believe a government entity should tell you how to use the property and business you own.  PERIOD

I was in a relationship for 2 years with a non-smoker who repeatedly told me, “I Love you I want you here as many years as I can have you please stop.”  ARGH!  I knew every excuse;

I do not want to gain weight

Things are stressful now maybe when life calms down

I know I plan to quit I’m just not ready

It is an addiction it is harder than you think

I need it to keep me sane

and on and on and on…. Maybe you have used a few of those.

Week after week I would feel maybe breathless or maybe my heart race and think, this should be the week i quit smoking.  But it never was.  One day in Mid-January I went to my better half and showed my pack of cigarettes with only 5 remaining and said, this is the last of my cigarettes.  The reply was, “Oh guess you need to go get more.”  My reply was NO I think I mean this is the last of my cigarettes forever.  Funny how recounting that moment brings tears to my eyes event today.  It was the end of a relationship, the loss of a dear close trusted friend.  The giving up of my security blanket and I knew it was going to be hard.

I had one cigarette left the next morning that i had not smoked, and I told myself I might as well smoke the last one and enjoy it, but I stopped and said no save it for a real emergency and I went on through my morning ritual.  I went to Facebook and posted the night before that this was my last day as a smoker to the delight of many accumulating a ton of likes.

My over 900 friends, some of whom i hardly knew posted stories and comments, words of encouragement and tips on how they survived.  People who I had NEVER in a million years dreamed used to smoke told how long they had been smoke free and how they survived.  It was like a giant online Love Fest/AA Meeting.  Now I was really under the gun all the people were cheering me on, all these people were rooting for me, I could NOT let them down, I could NOT fail, I had to show them I could do this.

I used no gum

No Smokless Cigarettes

No patches

No Pills

The only thing I used was my will power.

The first couple of days I was physically ill.  (Headaches, Nausea, Aches)  I was emotional and fast to snip.  I would wring my hands and twiddle my thumbs.  And each time I would want a cigarette I would convince my self to wait out the desire just 5 minutes and it seemed 5 minutes later the craving subsided.  Each day I posted on face book , the days slowed to each week, the weeks slowed to each month.  My Facebook friends continued to support me.

Today is only 5 months later and I am still smoke free, here are my 10 tips on kicking the habit.

#1 You have to really want to quit!  This is the biggest

#2 Tell people ask them to help and support you, the more people you tell the more support you have.

#3 Stay away from the places and things that are triggers, Bars, drinking.

#4 Come up with new habits for other triggers like talking on the phone or driving the car.

#5 Smokeless Cigarettes can be great, a month or so after I quit I bought some that had Zero Nicotine, I keep one on me at all times, they last me forever.  Sometimes I feel better just knowing it is there if I need it.  I used south beach smokes zero nicotine, you can find more info here

#6 Find a hobby the uses your hands, write a blog, wrote a book, take up crafts, play a musical instrument, learn to knit or crochet, exercise.

#7 Yes you might snack or munch, I do NOT recommend this as I have gained weight, but I suggest you fill your home with munchies to satisfy you that ar not unhealthy now!  Have them everywhere so if you MUST munch you are surrounded by healthy foods. (BEFORE YOU QUIT THROW OUT ALL THE JUNK FOOD!  you will be drawn to it)

#8 Breathe, yup breathe.  I spent a lot of time taking a breathe in through my nose and out through my lips, much like the same breathing I used in labor, closing your eyes, take a deep breathe in through your nose then blow out with you lips and repeat until you are relaxed.

#9 You can do this, you are bigger than this cigarette remind yourself why you quit how expensive it is, how much it stinks every time you want one

#10 Take it one minute, One Hour, One Day at a time.

I have been smoke free for 5 months and one day, tomorrow is a new day, I will embrace it smokeless and end it smokeless.

Good Luck


Live Life Backwards

Years ago someone sent me this simple happy email.

backwardsTHIS is my idea of the perfect life, it made me smile I hope it makes you smile too, share it with someone who needs it

I want to live my next life backwards!

You start out dead and get that out of the way right off the bat.

Then, you wake up in a nursing home feeling better every day.  happy older woman

When you are kicked out of the home for being too healthy, you spend several years enjoying your retirement and collecting benefit checks.

When you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day.

You work 40 years or so, getting younger every day until pretty soon you’re too young to work So then, you go to high school: play sports, date, drink, and party.

As you get even younger, you become a kid again.

You go to elementary school, play, and have no responsibilities.

happy babyIn a few years, you become a baby and everyone runs themselves ragged keeping you happy.

You spend your last 9 months floating peacefully in luxury, spa-like conditions: central heating, room service on tap. Until finally..

You finish off as an orgasm.

Need I say More?

A Reflection on Mothers and Motherhood

This year I turned 50, and I am guessing something happens to your mind when you realize half of your life is now past that you reflect on the things that are important to you. 380355_2436693710858_1903870654_n

I have a very unique tale of Mothers and Motherhood, I am adopted and the mother of six, grandmother of one. (This is my first mothers day as a grandmother)

I feel I have been blessed with so many privileges in life, hidden blessings. I was blessed with a birth mother who loved me more than herself and made the ultimate sacrifice to carry me with her for 9 months and then bravely open her arms and give me to a family who could not have a child and longed for a little girl.


I was blessed with a mother who raised me who was not perfect, but her love for me was. She watched and cared for me all my life, even as I moved into motherhood myself and then I watched her slowly succumb to the torture of Alzheimer’s and almost 10 years ago, the Lord saw fit to take her home. It’s a very empty feeling each Mother’s Day for me not having her around. My one regret is not telling her I loved her more often, she deserved to hear it.181467_10200195494024194_26090227_n

I have been blessed to have 8 pregnancies in my life, 6 of them resulting in beautiful children who I love dearly in spite of themselves and myself some days (-: I have watched them grow and excitedly watch as they now have each moved out on their own to their own adult lives.

I was blessed to find my birth mother and finally get to meet her and rekindle my relationship, funny how the stories you tell yourself in your mind are not always true and the reality is usually much better. By finding her I also found a new sister, though not of my blood she feels like home to me. Finding that sister led to the fact that I am also an aunt WOW, I have never been that before, I look forward to learning more about her although geography has me living far away from that family.

I have been blessed to fall in love with a mother and grow as I watch her and her children and grandchildren. I am blessed to add 4 more children to my life and the spouses and grandchildren they bring with them.


I am now blessed with my first Mothers Day as a Grandmother and I think, Does life get any better than this? How amazing it is to watch my daughter become a beautiful caring wonderful mother. I hope my mother was as proud watching me as I am watching her.


2 Mothers

1 Sister

1 Neice

10 Children

3 Grand children

And In love with an amazing mother too!

What did I do in my life to be so lucky?

So what I am really trying to say is this, thank you to ALL the Mothers in my life who have given me the gift of abundant blessings and love. You have made me who I am and continue to help me grow.

I am looking forward to enjoying the last half of my life loving all these people, and the new ones who join us later. I am the most Blessed Woman… wait scratch that… The Most Blessed Mother in the World!


This is the babbling of a 50 year old Mom, thanks for listening. (-:

Are you sending out a Social Media SOS?

social media

Like it or not Social Media is here to stay and if you are not on the bus, the bus may leave you behind.

Here is plan to have your social media work done for you to build your brand, your voice and your visibility.

Services range from simple Social Media set up on sites such as Facebook, WordPress, Twitter ,Pinterest and Linkedin to Social Media Pulse services for daily and weekly content posted to these sites for you.

Pick the plan that fits your budget.

Pick the plan that fits your needs.

Let them do your social media work for you so you can do what you do BEST, Run Your Business!

Clarity Street


Do people keep telling you that you need to keep up to date on your Social Media but you simply cannot find the time and when you do you are not sure what to do? Do you think social Media is a “fad” that you are waiting it out to leave? Well Social Media is here to stay my friend and yes when used right Social Media can boost your business exposure.

Need someone to manage all of this for you? Well we have an answer!

Clarity Street is pleased to announce it is now offering Social Media Services. These services include Setting up Profile and or Fan pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress and YouTube. Either choose the simple route and have your pages set up for you for a one time fee OR Chose a Social Media Pulse Package to have all of the posting wirk done for…

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So you want to Learn How to Blog? 5 New Blogger Tips

embrace the blogToday I had the pleasure of teaching my 1st hands on Blog Class.  Luckily for me the class was only about 10 people.  After we over came the small internet issue (Basically none due to the previous nights storm) at the facility we planned to use we got settled in and started over again.

Challenging as it was let me say it was fulfilling to see the excitement on the faces as we walked step by step through the process.  My promise was before each participant left they would have a Blog page on WordPress and they would have created their first blog post.

The class took us 3 hours to complete, but yes they fulfilled the promise I made them.

I anxiously await the opportunity to teach this class again!

Here are my 5 simple steps or tips to remember as you learn how to blog

1. You can NOT break your Blog, feel free to click buttons, change templates, test widgets and explore.  Your Blog is a process that will not be perfect the first time, heck it might not ever be perfect.

2. Post at least weekly

3. This is not just about you blogging, it is a community, read other blogs, like other blogs, follow other blogs, post smart comments on other blogs.

4.  Do not use your blog to advertise your product but instead use it to advertise how much you know about “stuff”

5. Have fun, your blog is you, talk about what you love and enjoy, write about the things that you are passionate about.


Why WordPress Should Be Your Real Estate Website

Thoughts on Why WordPress Should Be Your Real Estate Website


WordPress Puts You in Charge

There is a LONG list of people trying to sell you their web site for your real estate business.  Your company,, and the list goes on and on and on.  They offer home searches, mortgage calculators and tons of bells and whistles of content.  But what is today’s consumer looking for?  What will make you stand out and be different?  Virtually EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you want to know can be found on the internet with a simple search.  So you need more, you need to think ahead of them, plant new ideas and creative thoughts, become trusted, knowledgeable and likeable.  Bring the human touch back to the business that has become so hands-off for so many consumers

WordPress can help you do just that.


Getting started on WordPress is a pretty simple task. You can have your blog set up in minutes and depending on how much time you spend writing the content for your blog, your first blog can be up in record time!  Sure there are plenty of gadgets that you can use to “soup” up your blog that you will learn and add over time but he basic set up and go takes little or no time at all.

One bit of advice DO NOT OVER THINK IT!  JUST DO IT!!!!!!


For Real Estate WordPress is one of the top Blogging websites.  Active rain is also a great blog site for Real Estate BUT it is real estate specific and therefore I believe it limits itself.  Because WordPress offers Blogs on EVERY topic imaginable I believe it increases the ability to broadcast YOUR unique message to more users.

Later when we talk Strategies we will go into more detail on how to use this diversity to your advantage


WordPress is Mobile Access it Anywhere, Anytime



The real power of WordPress is its reputation.  Top companies around the world embrace and recognize WordPress as leaders.  Major publications also tout the strength of WordPress and many media out lets use WordPress as a clearing ho9ouse to find fresh topics and information.  Free does NOT always mean cheap, and know that Worpress continues to morph itself and evolve with today’s market place and consumer needs.

All of that said if you do NOT have a WordPress Blog set up for your Real Este Business Yet please join us in St. Louis on April 11 9:00 AM – 12:00 for a basic WordPress Set up.  We will help you log on, creatr your new blog, set up your blogs new look and you will leave having posted your first blog post.  Register at