CrAzY Holidays – The Complete List


The Monthly Holiday List has become one of the Most Popular Posts on this Blog, so I decided to have one page that would index all of the months to make it easier for you to find them.

Find all of your Holidays, Monthly, Weekly and Daily Below

My interest in this started by wanting to remain trendy and current I took a moment to Google what events were coming up for the rest of the month.

 I was stunned to get the list of what some of the  Official Holidays are, you might be surprised too.

As you will see as you read the list some of the things listed make you wonder do they really deserve a day, much less a month?

Who decided they are so special?

Aren’t there other more important things to celebrate?

And how did this list of things get an entire month instead of merely a day or a week.  Is there a committee?

Do you pay to be recognized?

 Is it political?

 Please please by all means take a moment and read the list and tell me which are your favorites.

January Holidays

February Holidays

March Holidays

April Holidays

May Holidays

June Holidays

July Holidays

August Holidays

September Holidays

October Holidays

November Holidays

December Holidays

Know where there are currently no active hyper links, there will be links when those months post so you can save this page as a forever resource.