Sleep Tight. Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite- Amazing Bedrooms






For many people the bedroom is the heart of the home.  It is your secret oasis to relax and find peace.

This space is so personal as it speak to what relaxes and calms you.

Not sleeping well at night?  A Large percentage of couples who have trouble sleeping have been found to be in conflict on their sleeping area.

Today we find more often spouses having their own rooms to speak to their needs.  N

o it doesn’t mean you do not love your better half it simply means that part of a fulfilled happy life is a restful nights sleep.


If you cannot find a happy medium in your “Sacred Space” with your spouse/partner then it is worth considering.


Here are some of the Best Bedrooms out there.  Take this test with your Spouse or Better half, review all the photos below and write down which bedroom you would prefer on a piece of paper and why, then compare, are you living in the space of BOTH of your dreams?

Try it you will be surprised



Bedroom 1hotel room castle hill


The colors and lay out of your space will help create the feeling you personally need.  Here are some tips on how to feng shui your space, just click here

Bedroom 2


master bedroom classy


The dream bedroom for some is Pure Darkenss and for ever the refreshing morning wake up of the sunshine peaking in.  Which do you prefer?

Bedroom 3

master bedroom futuristic


Not a lot of Privacy in the Window bedroom, however this bedroom is a penthouse on the top of the building so a great place to enjoy the stars.

Bedroom 4

master bedroom pol view


Is water what relaxes you?  For me although this pool is beautiful I prefer the sounds of running water, like a fountain or a pond.

Bedroom 5

master bedroom tv theater

Cozy and a GREAT couples place to hang out, I wonder if this bedroom belong to parents who have MANY children and need to escape?

Bedroom 6

Master bedroom with pool

At a glance this may look great, but I am not so certain the smell of chlorine or the dampness of a poll is the right setting for me in my sleep world.

Bedroom 7

master bedroom aquarium

Wow is all I can say WOW, It is like living in an aquarium, this is actually a hotel bedroom

Bedroom 8

master bedroom 2

Very Ornate and classic in many ways, one personas beauty could be another persons over kill?

Bedroom 9

master bedroom 1


Classic and tasteful to many, old and dated to others.

Bedroom 10

bedroom 10


Dark traditional and romantic with this fireplace, is this the place you would snuggle into?

Which of these bedrooms who bring you “Sweet Dreams”?

Which would your Spouse/Partner Pick?

4 thoughts on “Sleep Tight. Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite- Amazing Bedrooms

  1. Bedroom 5 is my #1 Pic, that said almost any of these would do. I like the comfort of the darkness, a space I can work in on my lap top or relax, dark enough but also bright enough to let the sunrise be my alarm clock, I love the TV but I do not think my better half would let me watch TV while they slept Maybe this should be my room (-:

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